'The Bachelor' Week 8 Preview: Fantasy Suite Dates in Thailand
'The Bachelor' Week 8 Preview: Fantasy Suite Dates in Thailand
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Now that Sean Lowe has narrowed down his bachelorettes to three, it's time for the much awaited fantasy suite dates in Thailand where he's expected to get to know Catherine, Lindsay and AshLee more intimately. But will he actually go through with? This should be interesting since he reportedly considers himself a "born-again virgin."

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for tonight's episode.

AshLee' Date

Sean wants his future wife to be able to trust him in certain situations so he wants to find out whether or not AshLee is capable of trusting him. Their date is set on a private beach that is surrounded by a rainforest but before they reach their destination, they must swim through a pitch-black cave, where they both seemingly freak out.  As the date continues, Sean offers the fantasy suite card which leads to intense moment as AshLee  "draws a moral line in the sand."

Lindsay's Date

Sean is also looking for an adventurous partner and it looks like Lindsay is exactly what he's looking for. They go on a date in a Thai market where they sample crickets and other strange food before they head to a romantic beach where Thai dancers entertain them. As the fantasy suite offer comes up, Lindsay is faced with the opportunity to declare her love for Sean.  

Catherine's Date

Catherine struggles to talk about love because she doesn't want to put herself out there completely but it looks like her afternoon boat ride date with Sean has made her open up to the Bachelor. She tries to convince Sean that she's ready for a commitment though he's still having second thoughts because of her family.  They talk more about their future life as the fantasy suite offer arrives.

Before Sean sends home another woman, he watches video messages from his final three bachelorettes. But the rose ceremony takes a very emotional turn as the eliminated bachelorette gets devastated  and leaves without even talking to him. 

Who do you think will Sean send home? 

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