'The Bachelor' Week 5 Preview: Goat Milking, Another Private Concert and the Dreaded Two-On-One Date
'The Bachelor' Week 5 Preview: Goat Milking, Another Private Concert and the Dreaded Two-On-One Date
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Can't get enough of Sean Lowe? This week, you're in luck! ABC has decided to put together a two-night Bachelor special event which kicks off tonight at 8pm and continues Tuesday, February 5 at 9pm. As host Chris Harrison explains, "We've never done this before but we think these two episodes are so good and so explosive a special two-night extravaganza was in order."  Just to remind you, that's four hours worth of cheesy drama, backstabbing, cat fights and of course shirtless Sean!

A Special Concert by Country Star Sarah Darling

This week, Sean takes his remaining 11 bachelorettes to Montana where Lindsay, who wore a wedding dress in premiere, gets her first one-on-one date with Sean. They take a helicopter ride over Montana's Glacier National Park and enjoy a romantic dinner which leads to a concert by Country star Sarah Darling. While things are likely to heat up between Sean and Lindsay, his upcoming group date sounds far more interesting.

Canoeing, Wood Chopping and Goat Milking

For this week's group date, Sean takes eight women out of their comfort zone as they participate in a Montana relay race which involves canoeing  wood chopping and milking goats. The winning team is expected to spend more time with Sean, while the losing team heads back to the hotel. However, Sean makes an unexpected move that disappoints the winning team. The night makes yet another interesting turn when Tierra, who learns that she will be on the dreaded two-on-one date with Jackie and Sean, suddenly shows up uninvited. 

More Tierra Drama

Just when you think you've already seen the worst of Tierra, she proves you wrong and pulls another trick out of her sleeve. After tumbling down the Bachelor mansion, threatening to leave the competition and having a huge meltdown, not to mention crashing Sean's group date this week, Tierra goes on a rant again. This time it's full of expletive words.  "I don't care what people say, at the end of the day," Tierra says to Robyn and Lesley. "This is petty s***. Yeah, do I have feelings for Sean? Absolutely. But I am not about to get f***ing threatened. You're insecure, not me. I don't care. I really don't anymore. If I want to go get engaged, I can easily go get engaged. There are plenty of f***ing guys in the world."

As mentioned before, Tierra also goes on a two-on-one date with Jackie and Sean. They go horseback riding where Jackie unexpectedly talks to Sean behind Tierra's back. On the other hand, Tierra tries to redeem herself by revealing something personal to Sean. Who do you think will get the rose and who will Sean send home?

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