The Bachelor: Trouble in Paradise for Jake and Vienna
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Jake Pavelka has quickly become a tabloid staple ever since he proposed to contestant Vienna Girardi on The Bachelor. While his stint alone on the ABC reality dating series has sparked a lot of controversies, it's nothing compared to the drama he's experiencing whenever the cameras aren't rolling.

Less than a week after The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love officially came to a close, one of Jake's ex-girlfriends, Tanya Douglas, dropped a bombshell about Jake. The gist? He's been cheating on Vienna with Douglas and was only forced to pop the question on the show. Of course, Jake has already denied these allegations, asserting that his relationship with Douglas happened before he joined The Bachelor.

Jake Pavelka Denies Cheating Rumors

While Jake's statement seems to have pacified those cheating rumors, at least for now, another wave of controversy has surfaced the news, and this time it has something to do with Jake and Vienna's troubled relationship.

Post-Finale Bachelor Interview: The Happy Couple, Jake and Vienna

Life and Style Magazine reports that the Bachelor couple was caught fighting in public, specifically on March 3 at West Hollywood's Koi restaurant.

"They arrived looking great, smiling and full of energy," a source told Life and Style. "But once inside, things didn't go so smoothly. They had one drink each, and when their server went back to offer them another round, Vienna jumped at the chance to order another, but Jake canceled it! He said he couldn't because he had to dance [for Dancing With the Stars] the next day, and he wanted to get home. So he made it clear she couldn't have one either."

How Long will Jake and Vienna Stay Together?

Although Jake has finally chosen Vienna as his future wife, many people remain skeptical about the future of their relationship, still hoping that Jake will soon end up with runner-up Tenley Molzahn or next Bachelorette Ali Fedotowski. Even Wes Hayden, who competed along with Jake on The Bachelorette, thinks that a wedding isn't in the cards for the latest Bachelor couple. 

"I don't believe his relationship with Vienna is real. Do I think there's going to be a marriage? I highly doubt it," Wes told Life and Style, adding that Jake told him that he joined The Bachelorette so he can be the next Bachelor.

Is Jake Pavelka After More Fame?

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