The Bachelor: The Scandal is True!
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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The latest scandal on ABC's The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love has now been confirmed by none other than the reality dating show's host, Chris Harrison. Warning: Read no further if your want to go into the season completely blind. 

For several weeks now, a rumor has been making the rounds about a girl that has "been having this sexual affair with someone else in the Bachelor house." While a girl-on-girl relationship was earlier suspected, it turns out that said controversial affair involves a female contestant and a male producer.

"It was incredibly unfortunate," Harrison told Sean Valentine, the morning radio host at KBIG-FM in Los Angeles. "Horrible decisions were made. It was embarrassing for us and in fairness to Jake and for the other women, [we said], 'Let's nip this in the bud and take care of it.' And that's what we did."

Harrison, who confirmed that the producer had been fired and the female finalist was kicked off on The Bachelor, revealed that "they found time" to have "relations" while filming last fall.

As you all know, The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise is no stranger to scandals and normally, producers would just let the Bachelor or the Bachelorette find out for themselves. This time, however, they decided to be extra careful and not to let Jake Pavelka stay in the dark. Then again, it's just unfortunate to know that the first relationship to emerge from the new season of The Bachelor didn't involve its star.  

"In fairness to Jake and for the other women, [we decided to] nip this in the bud and take care of it. And that's what we did," he said. "There's train wrecks in this show where I'm like, 'Oh, it's going to be great. Let's let them have it.' But ... I felt bad for everybody, and it was an uncomfortable deal."

According to Harrison, fans will be able to witness how ABC addressed the situation on camera in an episode this season.

"This was the rare time that before I had to go talk to the girl, Jake and then the women, I had lawyers, psychologists, producers, executives saying, 'Okay, these are the words you can say,'" he said. "It was intense. It was a wild night," he added.

Catch the two-hour season premiere of The Bachelor tonight on ABC.  

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