'The Bachelor' Season 16 Best Tweets: Week 8
'The Bachelor' Season 16 Best Tweets: Week 8
With only two episodes left, I am still wondering if any of these girls are really into Ben and vice versa. Sure, Courtney had that ridiculous, contrived "love ceremony" this episode, but we all know that she is probably in this to get more publicity as a model. Looking back on this episode, I debated between the two most awkward scenes: Kacie's marching band entrance, or Courtney's fake wedding. Regardless of what I thought, there were plenty of people willing to share their opinions on Twitter. Here are the top 10 Tweets about episode 8:

#10. @AliFedotowsky: Omg. Is this real? Poor Lindzi's dad's name is Harry Cox.

- No commentary necessary here. 

#9. @Lynnekelly: "Horses have been a part of my life since before I was born." I don't think I want to know what that means.

- Centaurs or some weird pagan love ceremony with horses?

#8. @Team_Bentley: How long before Kacie's dad hooks Ben up to the old-school lie detector machine, Meet the Parents style?

- Kind of wish this was somehow incorporated into the finale. No way Courtney could pass it. 

#7. @tristasutter: As someone who's been on both sides, my heart would be BROKEN right now if I were any of the other girls watching the Courtney/Ben "wedding"

- Truly. Although, I think this interaction wasn't different than their behavior in any other episode. 

#6. @Jeffvarner: Did Kacie's dad just basically tell Ben to cut her loose tonight? Her family hates him.

- Yeah, I think that is what really scared him in the end. Her parents weren't willing to tolerate the BS that goes along with the show. 

#5. @Zerosb4theone: Who at ABC is not fixing Ben's hair?? It's hideous. Seriously, producers.... unacceptable.

- The Jeff Daniels haircut from Dumb and Dumber comes to mind.   

#4. @Misteraoc: So Jeremy Lin is the next Bachelor, right?

- I don't think Knicks fans would like him ending up with a Courtney. 

#3. @Divamomvicki: Now we know where Courtney gets her helium-like voice...

- It was shocking to see that not everyone in her family is insane. Or just not as crazy as she is.   

#2. @Xxjeannexx: Wow, Kacie B.'s parents totally screwed her over!

-Screwed her over? I think they saved her from a life of boredom with Ben. Although, the mother's opinion on living together was incredibly old-fashioned. 
#1. @Dannyzuker: "Wait, so the WINNER has to be with that guy?!" - My 13 year old daughter after watching 5 minutes of The Bachelor & I love her very much

- Tell her that they only have to be with him until the reunion special.  

Wes Dorne   
Fan Columnist

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