'The Bachelor' Season 16 Best Tweets: Week 7
'The Bachelor' Season 16 Best Tweets: Week 7
With only three episodes left in this season, I am sitting here and wondering if anyone really wants to woman up and try to beat Courtney for Ben's affection. With Emily going home this week, it looks like everyone's hopes will have to lie with Kacie and Lindzi. Since Courtney and boring Ben have hogged most of the air time so far, let's hope for a strong finish to the season. Here are the top 10 Tweets from Episode 7:

#10.  @Blakemjulian: Courtney wants a soulmate. Haha. She needs to see if Satan is on Match.com. 

- OkSatan.com?

#9.  @Chanelledouc: girls all over America are going to have nighmares about Courtney tonight?

- Girls? I'm sure she gives plenty of men shivers too. And not in a good way... 

#8.  @Amarramapfs: This Ben guy just allows this Courtney girl to dominate him! What's his last name, Dover? #FemDom

- I'm still sticking with my prediction that if Ben picks Courtney, they will no longer be together by the reunion show. Hopefully, this turns out better than my Jamie prediction. 

#7.  @Clevertitletk: "Is this us?" No, Linzi. There's actually another reality show that set up a romantic tablecloth under the stars.

- Poor Lindzi. So beautiful, but such a bimbo. 

#6.  @Gmyrick: The lobster in Belize makes Red Lobster look appetizing. 

- I'm from Boston and live in Seattle. I'll have to take your word for it. 

#5. @Pfro: Ben just constantly has a confused, simian like look on his face. (wtf: people who r smart don't like 2 bcalled smart all the time)

- Rise of The Planet of the Ben's!

#4. @Benmezrich: I am hoping for a military coup in Belize tonight. That would be a good episode of The Bachelor.

- That or a volcanic eruption. Both would be must-watch. 

#3. @Toast_events: Wow. That was stupid! Ben just missed out on two great girls

- Looking at this realistically, does anyone think that Emily would have considered dropping out of Med. School for Ben?  I don't. 

#2. @Citizenjaney: Emily and Rachel you both are too good for this show. and this idiot. you deserve better.

- Just realized that Rachel's last name is Truehart. Anyone else think that sounds like the name of a Care Bear Cousin? 

#1 @Tvgmdamian:  I'm sorry, even if Ben was double-jointed, pooped gold and had width AND girth, i would never swim with sharks for his love.

- That makes two of us! Pooping gold would be pretty tempting though...

Wes Dorne   
Fan Columnist

(Image Courtesy of ABC)