'The Bachelor' Season 16 Best Tweets: Week 4
'The Bachelor' Season 16 Best Tweets: Week 4
It has been a tumultuous season so far on The Bachelor. Through the first four episodes, 14 women have either quit or been denied a rose. At this rate, there may not be anyone left for Ben before the finale! With the departing mess that is Samantha, it seems as if Courtney is the sole target for everyone's jabs and insults. Here are some of the best tweets about Courtney and everything else that went on during the fourth episode of The Bachelor.  

#10. @marissajustmay
OK, even the phrase "winning" was overplayed & done back when this was filming. further proof Courtney is an alien 

-Yep. I was cringing every time she was saying it. 

#9. @downtownshallon
Want 2 make a Bachelor drinking game: every time Courtney says "Winning!" & Kacie says "connection" but I only have 10 bottles of booze.

-Please make the "winning" stop!

#8. @bobbyfinger
"I wish The Bachelor was more like The Hunger Games and they really killed each other." 

-Not sure I could see Chris playing a President Snow like role in The Bachelor Games. I like the idea though.
#7. @skipsullivan 
The Bachelor looks like a clean shaven GEICO Caveman 

-Ben does resemble someone/something. I'm just not sure it is the GEICO Caveman. 

#6. @ashleyusurvivor
Jennifer is the sweetest, and that date was top. Country music and anything goes well together 

-It was nice up until the Country. Not much of a Country guy myself.

#5. @alifedotowsky 
"I'm a nice person, don't @#$% with me?" Uhhhh? 

-Yeah, I was a little confused by Courtney's monologue there.

#4. @jenniferweiner
Ben says he "doesn't know where he'll be or what he'll be doing day-to-day." Is that 'winemaker' or 'unemployed?'

-Well if he winds up picking Courtney, then probably anything she orders him to do. 

#3. @lbishtastic
Anyone else want to drink pig's blood before you hear Courtney speak again 

-I have to do something while listening to her. Her voice is nauseating. 

#2. @TenleyMolzahn 
That sucks being thrown off in the middle of a date. But this is better for Samantha if it wasn't there for him. 

-I had a mixed reaction with this. If she is there for fun and to get famous, then yeah get rid of her on the spot. If he is unsure, then wait till the Rose Ceremony.  

#1. @possessionista 
Ben says there's something he can't put his finger on. Geez man. It's only a first date. 
That's all for me folks. Till next time!

Wes Dorne   
Fan Columnist

(Image courtesy of ABC)