'The Bachelor' Season 14: Spoilers and Speculations
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Not surprisingly, spoilers are gradually leaking out even though The Bachelor season 14 hasn't even started yet. The new season, which premieres January 5 on ABC, stars commercial pilot Jake Pavelka and features 25 women vying for his attention. If you want to go into this reality dating series completely blind, read no further.

Warning: These spoilers are speculations are not from the official network so read at your risk.

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  • [Updated] One of the contestants, Ella, is a single mother who gets the one-on-one date with Jake at Sea World, and her son is rumored to come along on the date as well!
  • Jessie Sulidis, one of the hopefuls this season, isn't just hoping to find love on The Bachelor. She's also rumored to have another agenda: a record deal. [Updated] But this rumor sounds like just that: a rumor! A video of Jessie surfaced on YouTube over the last couple of weeks which featured her singing karaoke with her friends. In the video, Jessie sang an awful rendition of Britney's "Womanizer," seemingly just for fun. But when her name became attached to The Bachelor, either she, her friends, or ABC took it down. Too bad for those of us who haven't seen it, because Reality Steve claims the performance was "hilariously awful." Hope we get more antics like this from Jessie on the show!
  • Speaking of agendas, a contestant named Ashley Elmore has already drawn attention for her many achievements, and looks poised to keep "going places" after appearing on The Bachelor. In fact, she already has a fan page at www.AshleyElmore.com, and was named a Working Woman of the Year by a local news station in Virginia. She also has a PhD and an MBA, and has a sister named Erin Elmore, who appeared on the third season of The Apprentice. [Updated] Could Ashley be on The Bachelor looking for further fame, or is she just a successful woman looking for love? Guess we'll find out!
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