The Bachelor: Rozlyn Papa Lashes Out at Host, 'Bachelorette' Contender Ali
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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During next Monday evening's The Bachelor: Women Tell All special, ousted contestant Rozlyn Papa returns to respond to the accusations of "inappropriate behavior" that led to her removal from The Bachelor, and confront her accusers and doubters with a few accusations of her own.

ABC filmed the Women Tell All special this past weekend, and will air the special on Monday, Feb. 22. Today Rozlyn Papa spoke to Radar Online about her tense interactions with her fellow contestants and one-on-one conversation with Harrison, in which she didn't hold back:

"I wasn't nice to Chris Harrison," Rozlyn said. In the second week of filming The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, Harrison is the one who confronted Rozlyn about her "inappropriate behavior" with a Bachelor staffer and told her she must leave the show immediately.

Rozlyn Hits Chris Harrison With His Own "Inappropriate Behavior"
"He did not do well with actual confrontation," Rozlyn said of her conversation with Chris Harrison on the stage. "It wasn't scripted, he does well with scripted. But he said something like "We're all just really wounded by this because a member of our family, one of our dear friends was fired,' and I said 'It's funny you should say that because I talk to this producer and the fact that you guys are friends is news to him. He didn't get a really friendly vibe when you were hitting on his wife last year in New Zealand!"

The normally unperturbed host didn't take kindly to the claim:

"He did not stomach it very well. He tried to play it off at first but you could tell he was pissed."

Rozlyn Slams Bachelorette Contender Ali: She's "Phony"!

Harrison wasn't the only one upset with Rozlyn at the Women Tell All special. Ali Fedotowsky, Jake Pavelka's former "frontrunner" who left the show to keep her job, had also not forgiven and forgotten, said Rozlyn.

"She was really nasty on the Women Tell All. She was giving me these dirty horrible looks and I don't even know that girl. When I was on the date, she was not there. When she was on her date I was not there. We never even really interacted much, I don't know what she is so angry about. On the stage at the Women Tell All she was giving me dirty looks. It was bizarre."

Looking for a New Career... in Reality TV?
In response to the rumors that Ali may grace our TV screens as ABC's next Bachelorette, Rozlyn claimed Fedotowsky was always out for publicity:

"I have heard that Ali is going to be the new Bachelorette. It would make sense. This is like the fourth reality show she's tried out for. She's got it down, she knows what they're looking for."

Papa cited her inside sources at The Bachelor to back up her story: "[She's] interested in making a career out of these reality shows. I've heard that from several people, including one of the producers. She didn't make it on to the other shows."

Pretending to be Sick for Sympathy?
They may not have known each other well, but Rozlyn claimed Ali was a manipulator from night one on The Bachelor: "When she was talking to the girls her voice was just fine. It was just when it was time for the cameras and for her to be around Jake- 'oh I lost my voice, you have to get really close. Oh, I'm sick. I hope you have time to hang out when I actually have a voice.' It was so phony."

Do you believe Rozlyn's claims against Chris Harrison and Ali Fedotowsky?
Will Rozlyn's statements make it to air on The Women Tell All special next Monday? Which other former bachelorettes will make a scene? Tune in to ABC Feb.22 at 8 pm to find out!