'The Bachelor' Roundup: Ashley's Baby Bump, Clare's Message for Juan Pablo and More
'The Bachelor' Roundup: Ashley's Baby Bump, Clare's Message for Juan Pablo and More
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In the latest Bachelor roundup, Ashley Hebert reveals her growing belly, controversial Bachelor season 18 contestant Claire Crawley has a message for Juan Pablo Galavis while host Chris Harrison refers to the recent Bachelor as a classic victim.

Ashley's Bump

The Bachelorette season 7 star Ashley Hebert debuted her baby bump on Instagram after announcing last month that she is pregnant with her  first child with husband J.P. Rosenbaum. 

"Good morning sweet baby!! #preggo #belly," Hebert posted earlier this month. 

On April 23, she posted her baby bump again with the caption: "Baby is blowing up a balloon in my belly!!!!"

Hebert met Rosenbaum  in May 2011 on The Bachelorette season 7. They got engaged during the finale and got married the following year. 

Clare Crawley's Message

The Bachelor season 18 may be over but Clare Crawley has a few words for Juan Pablo Galavis, who had an ocean rendezvous with her, blindsided her, told her something insulting during their final date before breaking her heart in The Bachelor finale. So what's Claire's message?  "Treat a woman how you want someone to treat your daughter." 

In an interview with Extra, she says that she has no regrets doing The Bachelor. "I truly have no hard feelings. It was an experience, and an experience that I am grateful for and thankful for... I wouldn't be feeling the way I feel today, and I wouldn't have a little bit more strength than I had before."

"I've gotten thousands and thousands of letters from 14-year-old girls and other young women who say, 'Thank you for letting me know it's cool to stand up for yourself, that it's okay and it's good to stand up for yourself.' That alone, for me, just having one letter, is amazing because it's taken me 33 years to do that," she added.

According to Clare, she's happily dating now and looking forward to the future.

Juan Pablo as the Classic Victim

Just like Clare, it looks like Bachelor host Chris Harrison still has something to say about Juan Pablo, referring to the single dad as a classic victim.

"We all know people like this. They're victims," Harrison told Huffington Post. "He was one of those guys, you'll never kind of understand the depths of him. Nobody could ever have the problems he has had. And no matter what happened, what situation, he was the victim. I felt like a 'Jerry Maguire' moment, like 'help me help you.' I'm like, 'I know how the fans are reacting right now, and you're not helping our situation.'"

Harrison added that despite the cultural differences and language barrier that may have been a factor for Juan Pablo being misunderstood by the viewers, the former soccer player was well aware of what he signed up for. He also "really wanted to control all of it, and you can't."

Ultimately, Juan Pablo and chosen winner Nikki Ferrell decided to distance themselves with The Bachelor franchise. "They were angry, and he was mad about something, but he was fighting a fight that wasn't happening. And so the rest of us were kind of like, 'we're happy for you -- just go be happy. It's okay. There's no fight here.'"

Are you excited to see Ashley's baby? And do you consider Juan Pablo as a victim?

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