'The Bachelor' Preview: More Tierra Drama in the 'Women Tell All' Special
'The Bachelor' Preview: More Tierra Drama in the 'Women Tell All' Special
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Tonight marks the highly anticipated Women Tell All special where eliminated contestants reunite to basically talk about the drama that transpired this season on The Bachelor. Of course none of this really matters if the season's villain doesn't show up. Fortunately, Tierra returns and so does her infamous eyebrows. But who cares about Tierra's eyebrows? Apparently, America does because it has it's own Twitter.
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As expected, Tierra takes the hot seat on tonight's Bachelor Women Tell All special where other bachelorettes appear to gang up on her. But can you really blame them? When Robyn, Selma and Jackie, among other girls, confront Tierra about her antisocial attitude, Tierra tries to defend herself and remains unapologetic. 

"I don't think [Tierra] is a bad person. I think she is young, maybe misguided in certain ways," host Chris Harrison told the press. "I was hoping, a la Courtney or Michelle Money, she would see some of the errors of her ways. Usually people do that, they watch the show back and learn something about themselves ... I was surprised and maybe a little disappointed she didn't come back a little more contrite and apologetic. She really didn't come with that. It got a little awkward with her [and the other women]."

Meanwhile, Tierra's return isn't the only thing Bachelor fans can look forward to in the Women Tell All special. Sarah shares her feelings for Sean and her thoughts on love while AshLee awkwardly seeks answers from Sean on why she was blindsided and sent home.

Who are you looking forward to see tonight on the Women Tell All special?

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