The Bachelor: Matt's Right On The Money
I’m going to give Matt some credit on The Bachelor. He has yet to make an elimination that I disagree with. It’s not that I think he should have chosen Marshana over Holly. I just think he doesn’t really a connection with either one of them. Holly went last night, Marshana will go next week. What really made me happy was to see the exits of classless Kelly and immature Ashlee. I think both had worn out their welcomes and needed to head home to perhaps do a little self-reflecting. We hope. Here’s a look back at the two women who left the mansion last night without a rose, without a man, and without their dignity.

The thing about Kelly’s behavior that surprised me was that in the first two episodes, she didn’t do anything that was worthy of even writing about. In the third episode, her trashy side came out when she literally straddled Matt on a massage table during a party at his house. Matt seemed attracted to her, but wondered if they were right for each other. She answered that question for him on last night’s episode when she showed that she had nothing better to do at the cocktail party besides get wasted and show her boobs. It was one of the best Bachelor moments for me of all time. During his time alone with her, she just had nothing to say so she sighed, “Ya know what?” and pulled her dress down to show Matt her bra. Her plan to impress him severely backfired when, in his interview, he simply asked, “Why do that?”

The only thing better than Kelly throwing away her last ounce of dignity was Ashlee’s parting song. She seemed inconsolable after she was dumped on national television but good old Ashlee never misses an opportunity to try to whore herself out for a record deal. The only thing more excruciating than her singing voice are her lyrics which really just sounds like someone talking. Here is her song from last night: “I fear that I’ll fall so hard and you’ll just break my heart … (spoken) and he broke a little bit of it today.” We can all just sing what we’re thinking. Here let me try. “I’m hungry and even though I just ate dinner, I still want a snack.” What do you think? Number one song on the radio?

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

(Image courtesy of ABC)