The Bachelor: Matt Grant - Then and Now
When Matt Grant joined ABC's The Bachelor for season 12 this year, he earned a place in the show's history.  He became the first non-American to star on the show.  Sure, there was Prince Lorenzo Borghese on The Bachelor: Rome but he spent most of his life in Jersey for crying out loud!  Matt Grant was born and raised in England and had never spent a lengthy amount of time in America before The Bachelor.  A global financier from London, Matt said what all Bachelors do.  He was there looking for love, for the right woman to settle down with and raise a family with.  He found love with a Hollywood drama queen and it has not been an easy path since the two became engaged.

Matt chose Shayne Lamas as his fiance, the daughter of actor Lorenzo Lamas.  Throughout the season, many of Shayne's cast members questioned her intentions and felt she was there to get on television.  Matt also worried about that and his fears were confirmed when her father said that Shayne wanted to get on tv by coming on The Bachelor.  Still, Matt tried to see past all that and found a woman that he could fall in love with.  On the season finale, he got down on one knee and she happily accepted his proposal.

Since the show has aired, Shayne has tried hard to stay in the spotlight, posing for a sexy photo spread in Girls Gone Wild magazine.  Things haven't been sunshine and rainbows for The Bachelor couple which has earned them plenty of exposure in several magazines and entertainment news programs.  In June of this year, In Touch Weekly magazine reported that the two ended their engagement and relationship.  Matt denied the rumors, but did admit to moving out of Shayne's apartment.  In an interview with People magazine, he said of their relationship, "All things considered we are doing really well."  Hmmm, not the most convincing!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

(Image courtesy of ABC)