The Bachelor: Matt Grant Stands by Shayne Lamas "110 Percent"
The happy ending that was The Bachelor’s season 12 saw Matt Grant picking celebrity daughter Shayne Lamas over pharmaceutical sales representative, Chelsea Wanstrath.  Matt gave Shayne the last rose and an engagement ring, and since then, they’ve been living happily ever after—until now, that is.  Recently, Shayne posed for some rather revealing photos for the Girls Gone Wild magazine.  Shayne says that the magazine is all about “fun and freedom,” and “a way for a girl to express confidence in herself.”

Apparently Matt Grant approves of this photo shoot, as he previously stated the obvious—“Shayne has a genuine ‘girl next door’ quality, but she also happens to be very hot.”

Apparently, Matt is supportive of the photo shoot, and sees this as a non-issue.

"As we English say, I really feel it was 'a storm in a teacup,'" Matt told People magazine.  "I believe it was blown out of all proportion.  I stand by Shayne 110 percent."

Their relationship is one of a few successful ones spawned from ABC's reality dating series.  In fact, while the Girls Gone Wild photo shoot was creating much controversy and talk that their relationship was in the rocks, Matt says that they're merely brushing off these false rumors.

"We sit down together and just laugh off all the ridiculous stories that get thrown our way," Matt says.  "All things considered we are doing really well."

We now have it straight from the horse's mouth--the two are indeed growing strong after happily walking away from the dream that was The Bachelor.  Today, they're residing in Lamas' Studio City condominium while working on their new life together.

"We have the normal pressures of any couple," Matt admits.  "But then we have even more added pressures being that we are a reality TV couple, and that I’m leaving my life, friends and family in England to be with her."

As sweet as it sounds, Matt also admits that this journey has "been a bit of a whirlwind."

Indeed, love is still in the air for these sweethearts.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: People
(Photo courtesy of ABC)