The Bachelor: Jason Mesnick Finds "The One"
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Jason Mesnick has apparently found “the one.”  That's according to the 32-year-old account executive who popped the big question to 25-year-old Melissa Rycroft on last night's The Bachelor finale only to dump her for 24-year-old Molly Malaney in the first part of After the Final Rose special.  But that's just the stinging truth viewers will have to accept especially now that Jason is certain that he has found the person he wants to marry.

"I have found the one. I am in love, without a doubt. I do see her as the one I want to marry and spend the rest of my life with," Mesnick told People in a Friday report.  "Everyone has been through ups and down in their life, and there are no guarantees when talking about love.  I am living proof. I got married before and thought I'd be with her until death do us part, but we all know how that worked out.  That said, I am very much in love and very hopeful."

While Jason didn't exactly reveal his lucky pick at the time, it's quite obvious that he's referring to Molly, a department store buyer whom he can't stop thinking about.  (You can read more about Jason and Molly's reunion in this article) But then again, despite how much he came out as a complete jerk on national TV, Jason asserts that he had a difficult time choosing between his final two bachelorettes.

“Melissa is really that ultimate woman that is going to stand by your side forever. She's fun. She's beautiful and exciting and willing to try new things.  Molly is the balance of a lot of different things. We have a great friendship going.  There's passion there.  She's got her eyes wide open to the world. They are both amazing — to use my favorite word — which made for a very, very tough decision,” he explained.

Meanwhile, fans (or should I say Jason haters) still have part 2 of The Bachelor: After the Final Rose to look forward to.  Catch the drama unfold tomorrow at 10pm on ABC.

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