The Bachelor: Jake Says The Worst (Best?) Is Yet to Come
The Bachelor: Jake Says The Worst (Best?) Is Yet to Come
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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After an emotional first few weeks of The Bachelor--in which Rozlyn was sent home for allegedly boinking a producer, Michelle was sent home for loving Jake almost to the point of a restraining order, and "life of the party" Vienna became the arch nemesis of former nice girls Ali, Ashleigh and Corrie--you could say that Jake Pavelka deserves a couple easy weeks of carefree helicopter rides and hot-tub makeout sessions.

But whether you'd say that or not, it ain't happening. The turbulence for pilot Jake is apparently just getting started.

Jake spoke to Entertainment Tonight about what's to come as he narrows down his field of potential wives, and said that viewers should expect some terrible (for him), awesome (for us) drama "that is yet to come, and it won't be any secret. Horrible. Awful. On a scale of one to 10, it nears a 10."

Jake wouldn't say what the big controversy coming up is about, but he did have thoughts on a few of the volatile personalities we've met so far this season:

On Michelle: "Great girl. Maybe a little over emotional. She was there for me, not anybody else. She didn't care what anybody else thought. I respected that ... I felt in the end, her emotions maybe got in the way of us developing a relationship. The first episode when we were sitting on bench, I was really attracted to her. She was beautiful. Her electric blue eyes ... I would get lost in them talking to her."

On Vienna: "There is a level of honesty that comes from her that is turning the girls off. It is like on our bungee jumping date, it went really well. She goes back and starts talking about it, saying, 'You really get to see who Jake is,' but the other girls don't want to hear that. She is naturally trying to talk about something wonderful that happened in her life. Bless her heart, it gets her in trouble."

Head over to ET for the full video interview.

host Chris Harrison corroborated Jake's claims of big trouble yet to come, telling Us Magazine, ""There is so much other stuff coming up that is a legitimate big deal. There is so much more drama that comes that has much more to do with Jake Pavelka's emotions and the show itself."

A preview of next week's episode 4 hints that Jake may elect not to hand out his 6 available roses, and Harrison added to those rumors, saying "Next week's rose ceremony is crazy!"

Here's the preview of next week's episode: