The Bachelor: Jake Pavelka's Ex-Girlfriend Tells All on 'Inside Edition'
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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The mystery woman who claims to be Jake Pavelka's ex-girlfriend and who recently gave an interview on Island 106's That Guy Kramer radio show, has already been identified as Tanya Douglas.

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But for the first time since the cheating rumors involving the most recent Bachelor star surfaced, Douglas decided to speak out publicly in an exclusive interview on Inside Edition today.

What Tanya Douglas is claiming: Jake Pavelka allegedly put his relationship with Douglas on hold when he went off to film The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love . He was also in contact with Douglas after he finished taping the ABC reality dating series, claiming he was coming back to her.

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Though Douglas wants to look forward to jumping back into the dating scene again, she's still obviously struggling with the fact that Pavelka has moved on to the arms of Bachelor winner Vienna Girardi.

"The person I fell in love with is not the same person everyone saw on TV, not at all," Tanya Douglas told Inside Edition's Megan Alexander. "I fell in love with what I believe was maybe a lie,"

How Jake and Tanya Met
Since meeting each other two years ago on a plane Pavelka was flying from Asheville, North Carolina to Florida, Douglas and Pavelka have spent romantic weekends together and even met each other's family. "He's come to my hometown, he's met my family. He had a private conversation with my father saying, 'I love your daughter, I think that God led us to be together, I have every intention of having a life with her,'" revealed Douglas, who believed that what she had with Pavelka was something really special.

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The End of Jake and Tanya's Relationship
But fame came calling and Jake Pavelka answered by becoming the next Bachelor.
"He said, 'Tanya I love you and I'm not going on the show to find love, and I know I've found love with you, but we just need to put our relationship on shelf,' " Douglas said.

Believing that their relationship was simply put on hold, Douglas didn't lose hope especially when Pavelka called her several times after The Bachelor wrapped up.  "He said, 'But Tanya I do want to let you know that ever since I first saw you get on that plane in Asheville, that I've never loved anyone more.'"

Though there was no alleged sexual affair between Douglas and Pavelka after The Bachelor, the fact that Pavelka called her several times while engaged to Girardi is considered cheating on Douglas' book.

"If I were in Vienna's shoes I would consider it absolutely cheating," said Douglas. "They may be happy now, but I know what he told me immediately following their engagement."

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