'The Bachelor' Interview: Gia "Likes Everything About Vienna"
'The Bachelor' Interview: Gia "Likes Everything About Vienna"
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Gia Allemand wasn't exactly the best match on paper for Bachelor Jake Pavelka. She: a New York City swimsuit model with a taste for expensive shoes and professional athlete boyfriends. He: a plaid-wearing Texas church boy whom we recently caught wearing--gasp!--puka shells.

But Gia and Jake proved that sometimes opposites really do attract, and her sweet personality and beautiful face got her all the way to Jake's final three before Jake gave her the ol' cowboy boot.

Gia spoke to the media this morning about her heartbreak after leaving The Bachelor, her thoughts on this season's villain and front-runner Vienna Girardi, and the rumors that fellow ex-contestant Ali will take up the Bachelorette torch next season.

Do you think it would have been better for Jake to let you go earlier?
Yeah, it would have been easier, but I wouldn't have gotten the experience I got. I've always had trouble opening up to people. After my last breakup, being able to feel feelings again was worth it.

How difficult is it to watch episodes back and see Jake?
The Saint Lucia one was especially difficult. In your head, you don't see the other girls, so I was thinking it was just me and him dating. It sparked a little emotion in me.

Would you ever do Playboy?
No. I think my family would disown me. I like my dad.

Do you still keep in touch with Vienna?
Right now I don't have her number, but probably after the show I'm going to contact her, definitely. I really got to know her. I like everything about her.

Why do you think Jake made it to this point [with these two girls]? What are the pros and cons of each girl?
I think the pros for Tenley against Vienna is that Tenley seems a little more mature, and more on Jake's level in that aspect. But Vienna seems like she's more ready to go for the fun and get married. Vienna's age is a con on my list, but age is just a number. I've seen Vienna evolve on the show, and she's amazing. I think it's Vienna.

There's so much talk about Ali being the frontrunner for the Bachelorette. Does that bother you?
I think that's great. I think everybody deserves that chance to have the opportunity to find love with 25 great guys. If she has that, that's great.

Would you consider doing The Bachelorette?
Yeah I would definitely consider it. I would like to find love and see how it is on the other end.

You saw Jake at the Women Tell All taping. With all the controversy surrounding Vienna, how is Jake handling it all?
He seems very put together, he's always very classy. He never has a bad thing to say about anyone.

Did he seem like he regretted not taking Ali back?
No, I think he's happy with his decision, whichever one he chose. He looks happy at least.

Did you know Ali had made that phone call to Jake?
No, I had no idea! I thought maybe she was coming back ... I was so shocked.

What was one thing you were surprised to learn about Jake?
I guess finding out he had a hard time in school, too, and that he was called Mr. Dateless and all that.

How do you think Jake would do in NYC?
I think Jake would do great in New York City. I don't think he is intimidated by big cities.

Do you have any diet and exercise tips to share with female Bachelor viewers?
I like to do hot yoga and I drink a lot of water. And a lot of protein. I eat what I want, I just try to stay away from fried food.

Did you ever envision marrying Jake?
I think right after my hometown date and just seeing how he interacted with my parents, I started thinking this could really happen, that this process really works, because I was feeling it.

How did this experience change you?
It's changed my life. I never in a million years imagined knowing myself better through this process. You just know so much more about yourself emotionally, and what you want and don't want.