The Bachelor: Hillary Talks Tears, Meltdowns, and Heartache
On the most recent episode of The Bachelor, one woman gave us one of the most memorable exits of all time.  Brad spent a good majority of the episode trying to convey the message to Hillary that he only thought of her as a friend.  She didn't listen and thought he had romantic feelings for her.  When she didn't get asked to stay at the rose ceremony, she got emotional.  The tears didn't stop and outside, she worked herself up into hysterics.  Today, a brave Hillary faced the media in a press conference to talk about her memorable appearance on this season's The Bachelor.

This Monday's episode was not the first time we had seen Hillary turn on the waterworks.  She was emotional through her time on the show but she swears that she doesn't get like that in her everyday life.  “I believe the stress of the show got to me when I was filming," she told BuddyTV.  "I wear my emotions on my sleeve but I don’t get that emotional. It was just a letdown and rejection is hard to take.”

Hillary had nothing but good things to say about Brad, whom she felt a genuine connection with.  Throughout the show, many of the girls expressed their opinions that Bettina and Jenni were not there for the right seasons.  Hillary says that she was just looking for a man to fall in love with.  “I went there with an open mind and was hoping for love," she said.  "I was so fortunate to meet Brad. Things didn’t work out but I hope he finds the true love that he’s looking for.”

This week, Brad will head to four different towns to meet the families of the women he is still dating.  As for which woman stands the best chance of being the last one standing, Hillary thinks it's a toss up.  “I don’t know. He’s had a strong chemistry with Jenni. I didn’t realize so much was going on between them," she admitted.  "He also has strong chemistry with DeAnna and Bettina. I’m not sure who’s going to take it.”  Does that mean we should count Sheena out?

Since leaving The Bachelor, Hillary says she has moved on and has no regrets about being on the show.  As for a friendship with Brad, she'd be up for that, too.  "I would love to hang out with him," she said.  All warm and fuzzy feelings aside, here's hoping for a reunion show where Hillary can confront Brad and he can answer the questions she has for him.  Bring the Kleenex!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

(Image courtesy of ABC)