'The Bachelor' Finale Prediction: Who Should Juan Pablo Choose?
'The Bachelor' Finale Prediction: Who Should Juan Pablo Choose?
Lindsay Podolak
Lindsay Podolak
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
I would be lying if I said I had predicted Clare and Nikki would wind up in the final two on season 18 of The Bachelor.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. He clearly has a type--feisty blondes with a bitchy streak.

So who should Juan Pablo choose for his wife: Clare or Nikki? I weigh the pros and cons of each lady and give my recommendation below.

Pros of Choosing Clare

Clare is a hairdresser, which means free haircuts for Juan Pablo and Camila...not to mention he'll have someone to style Camila's hair for dance recitals that fall on Daddy Weekends.

Clare's mom speaks Spanish and likes Juan Pablo.

He's already sampled the goods. In the hot tub, in the ocean, and in the Fantasy Suite.

They have excellent chemistry.

At 32, she's older and wiser than Nikki, which hopefully means she actually does want to settle down and have a family.

Hairdressers have a flexible work schedule. More time to dance and play soccer with Juan Pablo.

She says in her bio that her favorite snack is fruit, making her an excellent healthy eating role model for Camila.

Cons of Choosing Clare

Marrying Clare means marrying into a family of six daughters (including annoying sister Laura) and their mother...lots of estrogen at family gatherings.

She's a wuss about trying new foods, and Juan Pablo is adventurous when it comes to cuisine.

Clare is the baby of the family. She is high-maintenance and used to getting what she wants.

Clare has a definite bitchy side. I could easily see her not getting along with Camila's mother Carla.

They would have to travel to Sacramento to see Clare's family on holidays.

Pros of Choosing Nikki

Nikki is low-maintenance. Sometimes it doesn't even look like she brushes her hair.

Her family is shockingly normal.

Nikki has already met Camila and it went well.

She is a pediatric nurse. Having her around could drastically reduce the amount of money spent on kiddie doctor visits.

Cons of Choosing Nikki

Her bio lists her favorite type of dancing as "drunk dancing." Juan Pablo doesn't like drunk ladies (or so he told Victoria.)

She has a hideous upper back tattoo, and Juan Pablo lives in Miami. Can't take her to beach parties.

Nikki has a bitchy side that Juan Pablo has never seen. It's possible that she could be a wicked stepmother to Camila.

Nurses have demanding work schedules.

Nikki's curls wouldn't do well in the Miami heat.


Juan Pablo has repeatedly said that he is looking for a stepmother for Camila. If that is true, then he should choose Clare. She is more mature and would be a better role model for Camila.

Nikki is still too young and crazy. I'm not convinced she is ready to be a wife and mother. Still, I think Juan Pablo will end up choosing Nikki. He hasn't seen her mean streak and she has less emotional baggage than Clare. All he sees when he looks at Nikki is a sweet, innocent pediatric nurse who won't fuss about eating octopus.

The Bachelor season 18 finale airs Monday, March 10 at 8pm on ABC.

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