'The Bachelor' Finale Prediction: Will Sean Pick Catherine or Lindsay?
'The Bachelor' Finale Prediction: Will Sean Pick Catherine or Lindsay?
Sarah Watson
Sarah Watson
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The season finale of The Bachelor airs next Monday, and fans are anxious to find out which of remaining women will win Sean's heart. Will it be Catherine, the goofy graphic designer from Seattle? Or will he choose Lindsay, the substitute teacher who introduced herself while wearing a wedding dress? The two women do share some traits. They both pride themselves on being funny, goofy pranksters who keep Sean on his toes, and they're obviously both lovely people. (No Tierraists made it through the screening process.) Aside from that, though, Lindsay and Catherine don't have all that much in common. So who will Sean decide on? His choice will reveal a lot about him. 

Lindsay's Odds at Love  

There's plenty about The Bachelor that portends a win for Lindsay. As mentioned, she was the sole crazy lady to meet Sean wearing a wedding ballgown and veil. She's fun, adventurous and family-oriented (all traits Sean values). Also, Sean bough Lindsay a vintage ring in a deleted scene, which could be a hint to both Lindsay and viewers. 

Lindsay also has a more flexible lifestyle than Catherine. She's an army brat who's used to relocating constantly, so moving to Dallas with Sean would really be no big deal. Her work as a substitute teacher gives her some flexibility, too. It would be easy to leave her current job and find work in Texas. 

On the other hand, I wonder how deep the emotional connection is between Lindsay and Sean. They have fun together, but is he in love with her? Lindsay told Sean she loves him during the last episode, and Sean's response was, "I love hearing you say that." That doesn't exactly bode well for Lindsay. While Catherine's made herself vulnerable in Sean's company, Lindsay is a fun, flirty companion. Will that be enough to inspire an engagement and sustain a marriage? Personally, I have my doubts.   

The Case for Catherine

As much as I've liked Catherine from the beginning, I have to admit that I wasn't expecting her to get this far in the competition. Initially, I thought her quirky brand of weirdness might be too much for straight-laced Sean. As the show progresses, though, Sean and Catherine seem to have more and more in common. Sean's showing more of his goofy, nerdy side with Catherine, while she's becoming more serious and emotionally open with him. 

I was impressed when Catherine explained her desire to start a family and her reasons for pursuing that with moxie. After seeing a friend killed suddenly at summer camp as a child, Catherine was faced with how short life can be and how suddenly it can be taken away. She's also confessed troubles in her family and issues she has with self-esteem. Her openness seems to have paid off, as her bond with Sean only seems to grow as time goes on. 

I wouldn't say that either lady has the competition completely wrapped up, but if I had to guess, I'd put my money on Catherine. My only concern is that her family doesn't trust her ability to really commit to a relationship, but as Catherine's told Sean, her friends know more about her romantic character than her family does. If she can channel her free-spirited ways into a loving marriage with Sean, I think they could make a strong team. 

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