The Bachelor: Final Two Predictions
On this week’s episode of The Bachelor, Matt visited the hometowns of four different women. During Noelle’s date, he told her sister that he was falling in love with more than one woman. At the time, he said that one of those women was Noelle but clearly, it wasn’t. At the rose ceremony, he dumped Noelle and sent her home, feeling that their connection started too late. What he really meant was that he’s falling in love with two different women. I’ll give you a hint: it’s not Chelsea.

Matt has made it clear from the very beginning that he was attracted to Shayne. His biggest problem was that he wasn’t sure if she came on the show for the right reasons. Her father confirmed his suspicions when he admitted that the idea of landing a primetime television show was very appealing to her. Somehow, Shayne has managed to put the blinders on Matt, who is now convinced that she is totally there for him and to fall in love. Even when Shayne’s mother showed tapes of her singing and dancing, it still didn’t raise a red flag to Matt. She’ll most certainly be in the final two unless she says something stupid on next week’s episode.

Then, there’s the surprise of the season: Amanda. I never would have thought that she and Matt would have formed such a strong connection. When they headed out for their 1950s themed one on one date, it became apparent that he felt a genuine attraction to her. On his hometown with her, she pulled a risky move by playing the ultimate practical joke on him. She spent half the time with actors playing her mother and father, creating uncomfortable situations for Matt. He seemed to enjoy the joke and handed her the second rose last night. However, her joke cost her valuable time with him and in a series where there are only 8 episodes filmed, every second of connection counts.

Bottom line: I predict that Shayne and Amanda go final two. Matt will pick Shayne in the end but I don’t see it lasting. Of course, I’ve been wrong the last two seasons so knowing my predictions, he’ll surprise me and pick Amanda instead.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

(Image courtesy of ABC)