'The Bachelor' Family Blogs: Terrible Tierra and No-Kissing Selma
'The Bachelor' Family Blogs: Terrible Tierra and No-Kissing Selma
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This week on The Bachelor, Tierra stole the spotlight once again as she earned a rose despite having huge meltdown while Selma stood out as the girl who wouldn't kiss Sean Lowe. Not surprisingly, these two women also pretty much dominated this week's Bachelor blogs. Read on to find out what host Chris Harrison, Bachelorette season 6 star Ali Fedotowsky, Bachelorette season 8 runner-up Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Sean himself have to say about them.

The Scary Hobo Goblin

After taking a tumble down the stairs on The Bachelor to get Sean's attention, Tierra not only became a force to be reckoned with but, arguably, this season's villain as well. She continues to rub the other girls the wrong way and this week's episode was no exception. She kept complaining about the other girls and even threatened to leave the competition. Surprisingly, Sean fell for it and gave her a rose. Was it another act? It definitely looked like it. Plus, when Chris Harrison calls someone a "scary hobo goblin," you just know that can't be good.

Chris Harrison: "I'm not sure how Sean and Lindsay didn't freak out when they walked out of that door to find Tierra crouched in the dark corner like a scary hobo goblin ready to pounce on them... Now, this move by Tierra could've gone one of two ways. Sean could've been annoyed and sent her packing, or do what he did and talk her off the cliff. Whether this was the right thing for him to do is debatable. Whether or not he got played is not debatable. Bottom line, Sean likes this girl and we all know that when we like someone we see past a lot and we tend to give people the benefit of the doubt."

Arie Luyendyk Jr.: "Just when Sean started kissing one woman (buddy, great improvement by the way!) and was about to get down in some classic Bachelor hot tub/make-out bliss, Tierra totally pulled the robbery. Tierrable, as I'm going to call her from now on, cried a bit and pulled Sean away. She basically stopped him from actually starting to form a connection with anyone. I really could go on, but I'm Tierrafied, and I can't believe he gave her a rose on that group date. The whole thing was Tierrable, just plain Tierrable." 

Sean Lowe: "I remember having such a nice night before running into Tierra. I knew she was having a tough time with the other women and needed more reassurance than anyone else... What I didn't know was how much the other women disliked her... I'll admit my decision to give her the rose was a symbolic Band-Aid. I wanted Tierra to be happy and I wanted to fix whatever was wrong with her... But please keep in mind I had not seen the Tierra they had."

No-Kissing Selma

A lot of viewers of The Bachelor seem to applaud Selma's no-kissing rule and respect Sean even more for respecting her wishes. Ali Fedotowsky, on the other hand, has a different opinion about it. 

"She should stop being so worried about kissing on camera in front of her parents and be more concerned about covering up on national television with her parents watching," Ali wrote in her blog. "And I just don't understand how she thought she could go on this show and get engaged without kissing Sean? Yes, she could get some time alone in the fantasy suite later in the show, but still--that's unrealistic. I understand that her culture is strict (and I completely respect ALL cultures), but if she follows the strict rules of her culture, I would think she wouldn't be allowed to go on the show. She was basically lying on a bed with him under covers. That's OK but kissing isn't? What about wearing a bikini? Is she allowed to wear one on TV? I would think not. It's just confusing to me. I just don't think she is super into Sean. Or she is playing games and wants him to want her more. It's sad because I think Sean really likes her. If she didn't want to kiss him because he is kissing a bunch of other girls right now, fine, that's a good reason to want to wait. I would have tons of respect for her if that was her reasoning. But to say that you don't want your family to see it on TV? I'm really having a hard time understanding that one." 

The Aggressive Friend Zone

Though Selma and Tierra got roses this week, Catherine was the girl who really stood out. She didn't get a one-on-one date with Sean but the time she spent with him was "a big turning point" in their relationship as Sean would describe it. 

"She tapped into my inner nerd, which I loved," Sean said in this blog. "But I was afraid that she was putting me in the 'friend zone' because every time I tried to show her affection, it didn't feel like she would reciprocate... Anyway, I was surprised when Catherine gave me the card with a kiss of lipstick on it. I'd call that 'aggressive friend zone.' She told me she wanted to kiss me but couldn't while the other girls were in sight. She was so nervous that she buried her head in my chest and wouldn't look up. After a few seconds I told her, 'It's okay to look up,' and then we had our first kiss."

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