The Bachelor: Episode 11.2 Live Thoughts
On the premiere episode of The Bachelor, the women tried to make a lasting impression on Brad Womack.  The problem is that some made a good impression and some made a bad one.  I guess that made Brad's job easier, as he had to get rid of 10 of them on the first night.  Now, 15 remain to compete for Brad's affections and they'll stop at nothing to get what they want.  I'll have live thoughts throughout the hour.

Let the dream dates begin!  The date box arrives and the first women heading out for a day at the races include: Erin, McCarten, Kristy, Mallory, Hillary, Jade, and Deanna.  They immediately throw some jabs at each other and get competitive. 

He hands out cash at the races so the women can bet.  Brad says you can tell a lot about a woman about how she bets.  In that case, don't judge me for begging my friends for quarters when I run out at the slots.  The second date box arrives and seems like it's going to be a day at the beach for the remaining women. 

There's a cash and Michele has fallen down the stairs and seems badly injured.  The ambulance takes her away.  Not sure if she'll be back.

Hillary grabs Brad alone for a moment while the women spy.  This show breeds jealousy and paranoia!  Shawn Phillips from the San Diego Chargers pops in from the box next door to meet the women, then gives Brad advice.  Okay, I'm sorry, but there's no way that was a coincidence.

Brad gets a phone call from Michele at the hospital who says she has a mild concussion.  Some women seem skeptical but more seem jealous that Brad gave her attention.  THE WOMAN HAS A CONCUSSION!

McCarten doesn't waste any time, grabbing him alone and planting a kiss on him.  My, that's fast.  He says on camera that the kiss isn't good.  Ouch.  She was one of my pre-season picks to go final five.  I didn't know she'd plant a bad kiss on him in the first five minutes. During alone time with DeAnna, Brad gives her a rose.  Good choice, Brad.

The other girls head out on their date but not before parading around half naked in their bikinis.  Before he goes, Brad stops to see Michele.  Will he give her the rose the way Andy gave one to Bevin when she got injured?  No such luck.  The girls have zero sympathy and are glad to have one women gone.  Real nice.

Stephy literally ripped Brad's shirt off his back when he got shy about it.  Apparently, the forward girls are on this date (except McCarten).  Solisa got very forward, insisting he do a body shot off her.  She turns around a minute later and said she's a good Christian girl.  Later, she'll be taking her top off.  Just like all the other good Christian girls I know.

Brad kisses Jenni and it seems a lot smoother than his one with McCarten.  The other girls are jealous, feeling she's here for the wrong reasons (advancing her modeling career) and is fake.  Sarah receives the second rose of the day and Jenni is upset that she didn't get the rose. 

Everyone piles in the hot tub.  There she goes, Solisa is running around without her top.  Brad doesn't seem impressed or turned on by that.  Maybe she's the one going home?

Brad gives MIchele a chance to show some of herself since she couldn't have gone on the dates.  He doesn't seem impressed and doesn't even help her up from the couch.  Bettina has a secret.  She's been divorced.  This episode is reminding me of Bevin all over the place.  Bettina keeps the secret to herself for the time being.  Jade decides to be the one to try to take Jenni down, telling Brad about the modeling portfolio.

Time for the rose ceremony.  Kristy is called first followed by Bettina, Hillary, Stephy, and Sheena.  He also calls McCarten, Jenni, Lindsey, Jade, and Solisa.  That's surprising!  He eliminated Michele, Erin, and Mallory.  I'm surprised it wasn't Solisa and McCarten heading out the door.  Hmmm.  Michele takes it the hardest, all she walked away with was a concussion!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of ABC)