The Bachelor: Episode 12.7 Live Thoughts
It's down to only 3 women on The Bachelor, in only 6 episodes.  The show must do a really good job of making sure that Matt falls in love in the shortest amount of time possible.  Tonight, he takes Shayne, Amanda, and Chelsea to Barbados for exciting, overnight dates.  At the end of each individual date, Matt will offer the woman a "fantasy suite" date card.  The sad thing is, that if they don't take it, they'll surely be sent home.  That's a lot of pressure on a woman to spend the night with someone she hasn't had much time with to get to know.  They'll all take the card, though.  You know they will.  I'll be updating throughout the hour so keep refreshing and post your thoughts, too!

Pre-Episode Prediction: Chelsea will go home tonight.

Based on the preview for tonight's episode, I think Matt will choose Amanda in the end. 

Shayne's date is up first.  They have a lot of fun, jet skiing and jumping off of a floating trampoline.  She's not the sharpest crayon in the box.  She just asked him if they have palm trees in London.  I hope she's kidding.  AH!  Her dress for dinner is so trashy.  Shayne just told him that she's falling in love with him.  He can't say that he loves her (Bachelor rules) so he said he loves being with her.  She knows what he means.  Shayne takes the fantasy suite card - of course.

He's with Amanda now.  It is like ... the DAY after he spent the night with Shayne?  Creepy.  She's got the meeps right now because they're going down a zip line in the jungle.  They're at dinner and Amanda's telling him that she doesn't want to lose him.  Amanda didn't even hesitate at the fantasy suite card.  Shayne hemmed and hawed for like, five minutes.

He's out with Chelsea now, who is the most standoffish girl in the history of The Bachelor.  What is she even doing there?  Matt just called it "the worst date".  I think he's touching the sea turtles he's swimming with more than Chelsea.  Ouch - at dinner, he's saying that she's more like a best friend.  She's almost crying, but not quite.  He's still into her.  Go figure.  Chelsea takes the fantasy suite card.  What choice does she have?  If Matt dumps her after she came out in that lingerie, I'm going to punch him.  I want to punch him regardless.  It sucks to dump someone the day after you spent the night with them.

Rose ceremony.  I'm nervous FOR these women.  First rose: Shayne.  Second rose: Chelsea.  WOW!!   Amanda has been eliminated.  I'm shocked.

Yes, Amanda handed him his butt.  Good, she should.  I would if some guy spent the night with me and dumped me a day or two later.  Matt genuinely looks upset by what she said.

Final two head to London.  Next week is a reunion of the women.  The finale is in two weeks.  Can't wait for London!!!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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