The Bachelor: Episode 12.6 Live Thoughts
Six episodes in and it's already time for hometown dates on The Bachelor.  I always love this episode because The Bachelor's visit to at least one family's house is always a train wreck.  As if meeting someone's family for the first time isn't awkward enough, Matt has to do it in front of all of America.  Ooh, and he'll meet Lorenzo Lamas tonight.  Sexy!  Matt hits the hometowns of Amanda, Chelsea, Noelle, and Shayne.  As I write this, a commercial just came on during Samantha Who and someone's mother kisses him right on the lips.  I literally laughed out loud.  God, I love the hometown dates episode!  I'm settling down and will be here all hour with live updates.  Keep refreshing and post your thoughts, too!

What is up with Amanda's mother?  Is anyone as weirded out by the previews as I am?  Is she a sex addict?  What is happening?!

Shayne's family is up first.  As Matt practices saying "Lorenzo", he walks in.  1st awkward moment of the night.  Ouch, Lorenzo just said that Shayne just wanted to get on television.  She convinces him it's not true but I'm not sure that Matt believes her.  Or I do.

Matt's meeting her mom now.  The house is very girly and Matt doesn't know whether to laugh or cry.  Those leopard print chairs definitely make me want to cry.  Aw, Shayne's mom made him a British meal to remind him of home.  That was nice!  Woah, Dakota (the sister) is totally a mini-Shayne.   Nothing else exciting happens.

Time for Chelsea's date.  Matt's explaining that he's serious about Chelsea.  She has yet to really tell him how she feels.  Uh, time's runnin' out, girl.  What are you waiting for?  Chelse's dad tells her to open her mouth.  She gives him a little goodbye to remember her by in the form of a nice, long kiss.

Noelle's hometown is so cute.  I wish that they had more chemistry between them.  It's a very quaint, nice date.  That's all I can say about it: it's nice.  Noelle's sister bluntly asks if Matt's falling in love with her.  He says yes.  I don't know that I believe him.  The funniest part of this date was the horse going to the bathroom as Matt entered to meet Noelle's family.

Argh!  Amanda's parents are actors?!  It's all a JOKE?!  So annoying...

Okay even though I'm mad, this IS pretty funny.  It's about time someone had a sense of humor.  These actors are pretty good.  This is so AWKWARD!!!!  I kinda feel bad for Matt.  I sure hope he likes this joke and appreciates it.  He doesn't look totally amused when she tells him.  Hmmm... can you read his expression?  Well, they're making out so I guess he liked it.

This episode flew by.  Already time for the rose ceremony.  Matt gives the first rose to Shayne.  The other two go to Amanda (guess he wasn't mad) and Chelsea.  I'm not surprised he sent Noelle home.  Too bad, though.  She's a sweet girl.

Matt's taking the final 3 to Barbados.  Next week, it's all about the fantasy suite card.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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