The Bachelor: Episode 12.3 Recap
On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, Chris informs the girls that there will be one group date and two one-on-one dates. If a woman does not receive a rose on a one-on-one date, she will immediately be sent home.

Holly is the first to receive an invitation to a private date with Matt. They’ll be headed to a private premiere of the new Patrick Dempsey movie, Maid of Honor. Before they could head in to watch the movie, though, they faced an onslaught of paparazzi, answering questions and posing for pictures.  The two cuddled together in the theater and Matt comforted Holly when she cried at the movie.

After the film, Matt took Holly back to a hotel room where he tried to get a handle on her feelings for him.  She told him that she felt that he had the qualities that she was looking for in a husband.  Matt worried that they were too comfortable with each other and maybe, were even missing a spark or electricity between them.  However, a little later on, they ended up in the hot tub together where they made out.  He gave her a rose and consequently, Holly will be sticking around.

Ten women find out that they'll be heading out on a group date to play rugby with Matt.  The only woman not invited was Shayne, who get a one-on-one date later on.  The girls learn the basics of rugby before jumping into a full out war game.  Alright right away, Ashlee was knocked down to the ground and then Marshana was injured in a play.  She was sidelined with a bloody lip but did get a little alone time with Matt while she recovered.  Matt was impressed with the way the women played that he invited them back to his place for a party.

At the party, Matt spent some time with Robin and kissed her in the hot tub.  He also made his way into a room with Kelly, where she gave him a massage.  When he tried to talk to Amanda, though, their private moment was crashed by Kristine and Noelle.  At the end of the night, Matt decided to give the rose to Robin, for impressing him both on and off the rugby field.

Next, Matt headed out on his one-one date with Shayne, where she finally revealed to him that her father is Lorenzo Lamas.  He has had concerns that because she's an actress, her intentions are not sincere or she will not be ready to settle down.  She changed his mind and the two kissed.  Matt said that she made him feel like a teenager again and gave her a rose.

At the cocktail party before the rose ceremony, the girls all turn on Robin, for making a play for Matt, despite already having a rose.  Holly steals a moment with Matt outside, where the two admit that they've missed each other.  Chris pulls Matt away from the party so that he can figure out which three women he wants to send home.  Holly, Robin, and Shayne are already safe with roses in their hands.  Matt hands out the remaining roses to Amanda, Ashlee, Kelly, Chelsea, Noelle, and Marshana.  He eliminates Kristine, Erin S, and Amy.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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