The Bachelor: Episode 12.3 Live Thoughts
With Carrie and Michelle out of the way, let's hope that The Bachelor Talent Show has come to a close.  Now, we can move on to just some good old fashioned catfights and drama.  The girls will have an all out war in tonight's rugby match in order to impress the bachelor.  During her time with Matt, Shayne finally reveals that her father is Lorenzo Lamas (while Matt scratches his head and says, "I thought it was going to be someone cool!").  I'll be here throughout the hour with live thoughts so keep refreshing and post your comments as well!

Thank you, Bachelor, for reminding us that Michelle called her cat "the love of her life" after her elimination last week.

Holly gets the first one-on-one date.  She's going to a premiere of Maid of Honor.  If she doesn't get the rose, she gets the boot.  They had to deal with the media first, answering personal questions about each other.  They told them things they hadn't even told each other.  Holly cried at the movie.  She totally earned cute points with Matt.

The other girls find out that they're playing rugby on their giant group date.  Everyone's names were in the date box except for Shayne's which means she's got the other one-on-one date. 

Matt is worried that he's too comfortable with Holly.  I think he was told to voice some concerns - especially since they're currently making out in a jacuzzi.  Yeah, he's giving her the rose.  Big surprise.

While Chelsea says she'll do whatever it takes to impress Matt during the rugby game, Ashlee complains that she hates football.  Guess what?  I hate Ashlee.  For some reason, the girls are wrestling each other int he mud.  Is that for rugby ... or ratings?

Ok time out.  Holly brought a home spray tanner with her and the thing is MASSIVE!  Where do you even buy one of them?  She's spraying Shayne back at the house. 

Back to rugby.  Marshana is down and bleeding profusely.  She milked it and got some one-on-one time with Matt.  She's fine, she's fine.  Game on.  Matt is so impressed that he invites all the women back to his place for a party.  He would've invited them anyway.

Matt got massage tables for the girls.  One minute it seemed everyone was getting one and the next time I looked up, Kelly was on top of Matt massaging him on the tables.  He wonders if they're right for each other.  I wonder, too.

Robin and Matt just kissed in the hot tub.  It seems the hot tub is the place to be.  He's with Amanda now, trying to get to know her.  Noelle and Kristine just crashed the date.  This show is just full of awkward moments.  Matt decided to give the rose to Robin for this group date.  The girls hate her so much.

Matt's on his one on one with Shayne.  She said she doesn't want to say who her father is but yet, she brought it up day 1 to him.  She finally admits its Lorenzo and I would call Matt mildly interested in the news. 

Back at the house, the girls are arguing and Amanda has a case of "The Meeps", the nervous hiccups.  They are equally hilarious and annoying.

Things are going just fine between Shayne and Matt.  They made out (Matt's quite the man) and she received her rose.  Earlier, he basically called her crazy in his interview but then said she made him feel like a 16 year old boy.

Oh, the girls are pissed.  At the cocktail party, Robin tries to get time with Matt, even though she already has a rose.  Chelsea said she'd slap her in the face.  Meanwhile, Holly's crying because she's developing feelings for Matt.  Let's play a game called: How many kisses did Matt get tonight?  Anybody counting?

Here are the order of tonight's roses.  Remember that Holly, Robin, and Shayne are already safe.  Okay, we've got Amanda, Ashlee (blech), Kelly, Chelsea, Noelle, and Marshana.  He sends Kristine, Erin S, and Amy.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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