The Bachelor: Episode 12.2 Live Thoughts
Let the attention hogging begin!  On tonight's episode of The Bachelor, some women are taken to a fashion show where they found out that they'll be the models while the other women head to Vegas.  I'd rather go to Vegas!  The stakes are high since Matt will have to cut 3 women by the end of the episode.  Though Stacey the underwear-in-the-pocket-stuffer is long gone, it doesn't mean the drama is.  The word is that tonight, Shayne has an emotional confrontation with Matt.  Already?  Over what?  We'll find out as we head into a new episode of The Bachelor.  Keep refreshing throughout the hour for live thoughts and post yours as well!

Matt is taking half of the girls to a fashion show.  Being out with 8 women should definitely be interesting.  This is so awkward with these girls watching and Matt just standing all alone at the end of the runway, clapping.

Holly just moonwalked down the catwalk.  I don't even know how to react to that.  Ashlee is a bit much and I wouldn't mind seeing her go home asap.

At the after party, Marshana brings up the race issue, asking if he has one.  He doesn't and it's not a big deal.  She should've left it alone.  Oh no, Michelle is singing.  I'm going to say it right now: anyone who sings to The Bachelor is completely out of their mind.  The words are: "I want to find you, I want you to find me.  I want to feel you, I want you to feel me."  YIKES.

Well, Ashlee just put it right out there that she wants to kiss Matt.  What's that I smell?  Desperation?  Mmmm...  She threw it in everyone's faces that she got the rose.  If I were Matt, I'd regret having given it to her.  Erin H said it best: Ashlee is very immature for her age.

Next group is in Vegas.  They get 30 min to win as much as possible and the winner gets 30 min alone with Matt.  Robin doesn't want to gamble (good call) and Matt seems annoyed with her.  Shayne just went all in and lost.  Kelly won and gets some alone time with Matt.

Shayne can't take the competition and is fighting with Matt.  I think she's drunk.  Matt just called her level of drama "unattractive".  She's gonna have to do some serious damage control.

Preview for what's coming up: oh jeez, another singer.  ARE YOU SERIOUS?

Matt takes the girls to a suite and Robin is showing off her talent for the piano.  Shayne is sulking in the corner.  She may have wanted to wait before day 2 before starting a fight with Matt.  Oh well, hindsight, right?  Chelsea got the rose and Shayne is crying in the bathroom.

At the cocktail party, Robin grabs more alone time with Matt.  She gets her kiss in making her the second one of the night to plant one on the bachelor.  Now the other girls are pissed and Marshana is out to get a kiss of her own.  Carri is singing opera - she's one of my least favorite girls this season.  She's just constantly showing off.  She's just ridiculous.  I want her gone along with Ashlee.  That's two.

Matt and Shayne are reconciling.  I kind of like Shayne so I'm happy about that.  She seems real.  I hope she is.

Rose ceremony time.  Chelsea and Ashlee are already safe.  Robin is called first then Holly, Erin S, Amanda (who has the best hiccups ever), Kelly, Amy, Kristine, Marshana, Noelle, and Shayne.  He eliminates Carri (nice call), Michelle, and Erin H.  Michelle is sweet but strange.  She said she can't wait to see her cat, calling her the love of her life.  Okay then. 

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of ABC)