The Bachelor: Episode 12.1 Recap
On tonight’s premiere of The Bachelor season 12, we were introduced to Matt Grant. He is the youngest of five brothers and values his relationship with his family. He has a secure job and is looking for love. His father had a stroke, which caused Matt to make settling down and raising a family the focus of his life. He traveled to Malibu for The Bachelor and met 25 beautiful women, one of whom could be his future wife. After a night of getting to know them, Matt cut 10 women and got ready to embark on a journey with the 15 women he did choose.

One by one, the women got out of the limo to meet Matt. Of course, everyone was nervous but he tried hard to put them at ease. Some girls were confused by the accent and asked him where he was from. He took it all in stride, joking and flirting with the women. He seemed most attracted to blondes right off the bat but a few others, like Marshana and Robin caught his eye as well.

At the party, the women stopped at nothing to make a great first impression. Chelsea arm wrestled Matt and faked a loss to appease her. Michelle P. played the clarinet while Ashlee sang a song that she wrote especially for Matt. Denise sparked a political debate and Carri chewed through a tin can. Stacey took the cake though with her foul moth, her aggressive flirting, and her underwear, which she shoved in Matt's pocket.

Before he can make his final decision, he spends some one on one time with a few of the women.  Shayne confesses that she is an actress who comes from a famous family but assures him that she's there for the right reasons.  Robin and Matt bond over the time that she has spent in England and traveling around Europe.   After his conversation, he actually decides to give the first impression rose to a woman that he didn't get to spend much time with: Amanda R.  In his interview, Matt said that if he could draw the perfect woman, he'd draw her.

At the rose ceremony, Matt calls Chelsea first.  After that, he gives roses to Shayne, Michelle P., Marshana, Ashlee, Noelle, Erin S., Amy, Carri, and Kristine.  Matt then calls Robin and Holly.  He gives his final rose to Erin H.  These are your 15 women who will compete for Matt's heart this season. 

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of ABC)