The Bachelor: Episode 11.9 Recap
On tonight's season finale of The Bachelor, Brad Womack had a tough choice to make.  After weeding through all the women that he didn't have a connection with, he was left with two special women.  On the one hand, he had Jenni Croft, an energetic Phoenix Suns dancer with whom he had a connection with from the very beginning.  On the other, he had DeAnna Pappas, a former bartender from Georgia with whom he developed a very special relationship with over time.  In tonight's episode, Brad introduced the women to his family and made a shocking final decision.  If you think you know how this one ends, think again!  Read on to find out who Brad chose on the season finale of The Bachelor.

Brad invited each of the women to his house in order to meet his family.  Both DeAnna and Jenni had met his twin brother, Chad, on a previous episode but not his parents.  DeAnna arrived first and Pam, Brad's mother, noted how excited and happy he looked with her.  Pam and DeAnna have a moment alone together where DeDe admits that she loves Brad and would like a proposal.  Soon after DeAnna leaves, Jenni arrives and doesn't answer the question as to whether she loves Brad or not.  After meeting both women, Pam tells Brad that she felt more comfortable with DeAnna but admits that it's a tough choice to make.

Jenni and DeAnna received one last night with Brad to plead their case show him how they really feel.  DeAnna and Brad discuss their future and what married life would be like.  Jenni gets emotional during her time with him, finally admitting that she loves him.  She reads to him from a journal full of thoughts throughout their relationship.  At this point, both women seem dead even and it was hard to know who Brad was going to end up with.

Brad went shopping for an engagement ring, saying how excited he was.  Before the proposal, he needed to speak with each of the women.  First, he talked to Jenni.  Though she brought out a side of him that he had not seen before, he felt he needed a little more and told her this was goodbye.  After putting her in the limo to head home, DeAnna arrived.  Brad said that he agreed with DeAnna that people should only get married once.  He then left her standing alone as he did a lap around the garden.  He came back, only to tell her that he was going to say goodbye to her as well!

Both women were heartbroken, not surprisingly.  Jenni cried and didn't understand while DeAnna got tough, questioning his feelings for her and telling him that he would regret this decision.  After DeAnna left, Brad was left alone in the garden and shed some tears for those he had hurt and for not finding the person he had hoped for.  Tomorrow night on ABC, the women will confront Brad on their heartbreaking experience and he will answer their tough questions.

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- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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