The Bachelor: Episode 11.6 Recap
On tonight's episode of The Bachelor, Brad visited the hometowns of the four remaining women to meet their families and get a taste of their home life.  He hit it off with some families and experienced awkward moments and downright rude, unwelcoming behavior from other families.  By the end of the night, he had narrowed it down to three women, which he will take on romantic, overnight getaways next week.  Read on to find out what happened when Brad went home to meet the families!

The first place Brad went was Kansas, to visit Jenni.  She took him to a theater that she danced at many times, and won her first competition at.  There, he realized how much she loved dancing and how much it would affect their relationship.  She found out that she made the Phoenix Suns dance team and that would mean at least one year of a long distance relationship for the two.  Despite the fact that it's a challenge, they both seemed up for it and expressed that they wanted to make that work. 

In California, Brad learns more about Sheena, who he hasn't really connected with much so far.  Her mom goes on about astrology and Sheena being the one, even planning out their wedding!  Brad seemed uncomfortable and there were many awkward moments.  They definitely did not click and it didn't seem that any further connection between him and Sheena was being established during his visit.  Brad's best visit took place in Georgia, when he visited DeAnna and her family.  He fit right in, laughing, dancing amidst a very comfortable environment.  She introduced him to her mother through pictures since she has passed away.  It showed a very emotionally vulnerable side to DeAnna, which made Brad fall for her even more.

His last visit proved to be his worst when he made a stop in Washington D.C. for Bettina and her family.  They were immediately judgmental and disapproving of Brad's lifestyle.  They had an opinion on everything from where he lives to his education to his career choices.  Though Bettina is falling for him, she didn't necessarily defend him to her father when they were alone.  This proved to be a hot button issue for her and Brad later on, when they sat alone to hash things out.  He was offended by their behavior and wasn't sure things could work out because of it.

At the rose ceremony, he chose DeAnna first.  He also gave a rose to Jenni.  He was left to choose between Sheena and Bettina and he decided to keep Bettina around a little longer, to see if something is there for them.  Sheena was obviously caught off guard and broke down.  Brad felt guilty for breaking a good woman's heart.  Now, he is left with three women to choose from and next week, they all head to Cabo San Lucas for overnight dates! 

Next week on The Bachelor, while DeAnna opens up emotionally, Jenni has trouble finding the words to express how she feels to Brad.  He and Bettina work on repairing the rift in their relationship after the hometown dates.