The Bachelor: Episode 11.3 - Ring or Fling?
It is very challenging to make picks at this stage of the game in The Bachelor. Due to the fact that there are so many players on the field, the women who get the most screen time can change from week to week. Whether or not this represents their actual level of interaction with The Bachelor himself is hard to gauge, but we will once again read the tea leaves left by the editors.

And it might just be me, but did it seem to be a chemistry-free week for The Bachelor? Maybe it was just what made it into the show, but all of his interactions seemed even less natural than normal. It seemed like every encounter we saw was Brad talking about someone's romantic past or someone's plans for her own romantic future, or else some kind of conversation about how the two were interacting as opposed to simply interacting.

Not, mind you , that I blame Brad Womack himself or the ladies – this is classic Bachelor style and pretty consistent from season to season, so in my mind, that makes me think the producers are the ones goading the participants into such odd conversations so soon. I wish the people had the chance to have less heavy conversations and more actual good times as opposed to staged “Aren't we having a good time?!?!!” forced marches. It would make it a heck of a lot easier to know who might truly be a good match for him.

So with those caveats, this week, the picks for Ring are more about what they didn't do than what they did.


While Kristy's letting-out-the-fun on the boat did feel a little bit forced, I have liked how she's presented herself throughout the show. She's been poised and calm while confident in herself. I'm not necessarily sensing a ton of chemistry between the two, but as mentioned, I'm having a tough time getting a good grasp on Brad's reactions. He did, however, seem very invested in how she responded to his twin, seeming a little nervous before she caught it that she might miss it.

I am adding Jenni mainly because Brad himself commented that he feels a little nervous with her, and because she still seems to be a nice girl. The long-distance romance question and conversation got a little awkward and sort of ahead of things, but this is The Bachelor, and awkward is the name of the game. Plus we just don't know if she really wanted to talk about it or was goaded into it.

I was going to add Estefania (Stephy) to the list, since she did receive a rose early and seemed in general to be pretty nice. However, she's still a little bit too under the radar for me to have a real sense of her personality.

I'm moving DeAnna off the list as I'm unsure how to take her behavior about Hillary today. While on the one hand, she was correct that it is a competition and so the other girls are under no obligation to be eager for any of the women to make it further. Then again, was it really necessary to be that blunt about it? They are all living in a house together, and while none of them came there to make friends, would it be so awful to leave with a few more than you came with? If Brad is truly attracted to you, being friendly to another girl in the house is unlikely to have any impact on that.

Plus, what is she doing hanging around with McCarten? Speaking of…


McCarten. Once again, I am loathe to judge any of these women too harshly as I know about the power of editing. But the way that McCarten comes across on the show is fairly off-putting. Whether this is really who she is away from the cameras, I don't know. But she's not very pleasant or appealing in the program itself.

Jade. Media Blog Gawker has a recurring column called The Underminer. It's written by author and performer Mike Albo, and the subtitle is The Best Friend Who Casually Destroys Your Life. The Underminer is that person who smiles weakly at you while pointing out what's wrong with you or how bad something is going to go for you.

I bring this up because when Hillary was going on her solo date, Jade gave her a thin smile and said, “But you could be going home.” Nice. She, like McCarten, just has a major bad vibe coming off her. Again, could all be editing, but at this point, I have to go with what I'm seeing.

Hillary. She was not quite as unlikable as last episode, but between the Downer Date this episode and the snooping in Jenni's stuff last week, she is just not impressing me much so far.

So what do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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