The Bachelor: Episode 11.2 - Ring or Fling?
It's episode 2 of The Bachelor: Operation Lone Star Stubble and we are starting to get a better sense of what Brad Womack and the women are like.

I'm still finding Brad to be not-too-bad of a Bachelor.

One thing is looking to be a development: unlike last season, it's the women's physical friendliness – not The Bachelor's – that is making for some cringe-worthy moments. He's had a couple of kisses and held hands with the girls, but he doesn't appear to be forcing an unnatural level of physical affection, and in fact sometimes seemed to discourage it when some of the women pushed a little harder.

I find it amazing that these beautiful women – who surely have had the uncomfortable experience of being hit on by a too-aggressive fella – would turn around and act the same way when the tables are turned. Nobody likes being treated like a piece of meat, and even though part of me would like to see some equality on a show that seems to exist in an era where women still don't wear pants, I would prefer it's not the lowest common denominator of equality.

I am the first to consider the possibility of producer manipulation as motivation for some of the behavior…but I don't know..there is no amount of coercion on earth short of physical force that could get me to do what some of these girls are doing on national TV.

But let's focus on the positive for a moment. So who this week is my pick for Ring, the girl I think might be the best fit for Brad?



We had a lot of DeAnna fans after the season premiere, but I was not feeling it last week. I didn't like her little Greek introduction, found it to be trying too hard.

But this week I found her to be sweet and – in comparison to some of the other antics happening – her reserved nature was refreshing. I also thought that she seemed to have a good head on her shoulders. When Jenni was talking about the other girls' nasty gossiping, DeAnna's response that Jenni shouldn't trust anyone might have come across as a little blunt, but it's probably the truth, and shows that she might be able to keep herself out of the inter-girl squabbling.

Jenni, incidentally, is also on my list as someone I might like moving forward. I don't see the modeling book as being that much of an issue, and she seemed so genuinely distraught at anyone thinking she was there for the wrong reasons, I just didn't think she could fake that. One reason she's not in my top spot? She said she wasn't going to trust the other girls, saying she was “weary” of them. It's either “leery” or “wary,” Jenni. Yes, that's right, there is a Grammer section for the Ring or Fling aptitude test.

I also liked Bettina – again, she seems like a sweet person. Her inability to tell Brad about her divorce is a possible drawback. It could have just been nerves but it also might show a little lack of self-confidence that could hurt her in the future. However, we'll have to see how that turns out.

For the Fling – the girl I think he should have gotten rid of, but didn't? There's a handful.


Solisa, for her mixed messages. I don't think that having “morals and values” and being comfortable with your body are mutually-exclusive. But there's “being comfortable with your body” and then there's initiating body shots, running topless on a beach and dancing on a table shaking your well-displayed ta-tas all in a condensed timeframe. One of them? Maybe. All of them? Might say your morals and values can be compromised when you are feeling like you have something to prove. You could say that it works because Brad kept her around, and so maybe it did, but somehow it just doesn't strike me as the kind of behavior that gets one to the final two.

Jade and Hillary, for being gossips, unkind about and towards the other girls, and for snooping in Jenni's luggage. I can understand it's nerve-wracking to be in a situation where the guy you are dating is dating multiple people, but tearing someone else down to build yourself up is never a good idea. The grave you're digging just might be your own.

McCarten, for the unsuccessful kiss and just overall, I don't see her as a good fit with Brad. I also got the sense that she might have a touch of what Jade and Hillary have.

I was sorry to see Michele go – since my first review, I wasn't sure if the Jersey Girl and the Texas Boy seemed like a good fit (no slight to Jersey Girls – I am one too!). But while I didn't see them ending up together, she seemed like a nice girl with a good temperament and sense of humor who might have been a better addition to the household than some of the women who are coming off as less than kind-hearted. I admired that she handled her elimination with grace – sure she cried, but at least she was mature about the reasoning, saying if he “wasn't feeling it, he wasn't feeling it.”

Because ultimately – that is what it all boils down to. While having a good personality, nice looks and nice disposition might mean you stick around longer or are a more pleasant person to watch or be around, ultimately it is probably mainly going to be about chemistry, and hopefully when the girls are eliminated, they can keep that in mind.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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