The Bachelor: Episode 11.10, "After The Final Rose" Recap
It's amazing that ABC was able to convince Brad, DeAnna, and Jenni to reunite on a special episode of The Bachelor after what took place on last night's finale.  There must be some pretty strict contracts that they signed because nobody in their right mind would have wanted to be on that stage tonight with host Chris Harrison.  Each of the two women had an opportunity to vent their feelings about what took place at that final rose ceremony.  They also were able to have a one-on-one conversation with Brad ... in front of the entire nation.  None of them have spoken in over 2 months and it's safe to say tonight was their last conversation.  Here's what happened on tonight's Bachelor special: After The Final Rose.

Before bringing out the women, The Bachelor decided to bring out some success stories, perhaps to calm down the angry crowd who watched last night's finale.  First, Trista and Ryan of The Bachelorette introduced their baby boy, Max, to the world.  Trista expressed that she felt bad for everyone involved in last night's final rose ceremony.  Next, Byron and Mary came out, as happy as they were when they first fell in love in season 6.  Chris gave them a hard time about not getting married yet but they assured us that wedding bells will be ringing soon.

Jenni joined Chris on stage first and sat through a montage of her best and worst moments with Brad on the show.  Chris announced to the audience that Jenni's grandmother, who had been featured on the show in an episode, had passed away.  The Bachelor put together a tribute to her, featuring previously unaired footage of her.  Jenni was deeply moved and, in tears, thanked Chris for showing it.  During her time with Brad, she questioned his sincerity and he said that he wouldn't apologize for not falling in love.

DeAnna's time on stage was extremely awkward once Brad got out there.  Beforehand, she also sat through a montage of her time with Brad.  She expressed a variety of feelings from anger to confusion to sadness.  She even said that she would consider forgiving him and giving her a second chance.  Unfortunately for her, Brad came out and said that he stood by his decision.  The room fell silent as DeAnna broke down.  He tried to tell her that he would miss her but she didn't want to hear it and left wiping her tears.

Nobody really got the answers they wanted tonight except that Brad doesn't regret what he did.  He feels he took the high road and did everybody a favor by not continuing with something he wasn't sure about.  What do you think?

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- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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