'The Bachelor' Deleted Scene: Sean and Catherine Play Word Games
'The Bachelor' Deleted Scene: Sean and Catherine Play Word Games
Sarah Watson
Sarah Watson
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You know what they say: The couples that play together stay together. If that's true, then Sean and Catherine just might stand a fighting chance! Personally, I've liked this weirdo since her first deleted scene -- the one that featured her unicycling around a Seattle park, showing off her "ah-spicy" dance moves in business attire and introducing her catch-phrase, "Love the beef." Weeks later, Catherine's still hungry for Sean, but she's showing her vulnerable side, too. Will she win this season's final rose?

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It's hard to know for sure. (Well, unless you go digging for spoilers. Don't do that! That's no fun.) But after AshLee's surprising dismissal, Catherine's looking more and more like a serious contender. Just take this clip, for example. She's silly, she's multilingual (um, sort of) and she's really selling that beachy ombre hair. She's almost as fun as a Burning Love "contestant." How can Sean resist? 

Catherine's learned a new Thai phrase, and she wants Sean to guess its meaning. She kinda stutters out the words, but it's still cute. Sean guesses, "Give me a kiss," which is a fair guess, if not very creative. Catherine gives a hint that it's her favorite phrase, and Sean guesses "Liza Minnelli." Catherine, are you sure you wanna accept a rose from this guy?     

Her last hint is, "It's about me to you -- and it's not sweet." I'm thinking "not sweet" might be Sean's thing, especially since he sent AshLee packing. (She should've showed off that raging bitchface a little sooner.) The bachelor still can't guess the phrase, so Catherine tells him the answer in the least sexy French I've ever heard, but somehow it's still kinda charming. Finally Sean guesses the phrase/recalls his eighth grade French class, the two dissolve in giggles and fall back on the bed of their sailboat. 

So Catherine's go-to line is, "I love the beef," and Sean's is, "I love that." I've decided that I really only believe Sean's line when it's said to Catherine. Then again, Sean did buy Lindsay a diamond ring in the last deleted scene. Who knows? This could still be anyone's game.

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