The Bachelor: Couples Deny Rumors
With 12 seasons of The Bachelor and four seasons of The Bachelorette behind us, we only count with one hand the number of successful relationships these reality dating games has spawned.  Surely, the latest and 12th season of The Bachelor gave us Shayne Lamas and Matt Grant, who admit that they are still together months after the show has ended.  In fact, they’ve been rumored to be getting married as soon as next week rolls about.

Before the two lovebirds, though, there was Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter, who emerged with a successful relationship from the first season of The Bachelorette.  The two, whose December 2003 marriage was televised, have recently become proud parents of their first baby, Maxwell Alston.  Now that they are a family, it seems that controversy is still at their heels.

Recently, rumors broke out saying that Trista and Ryan Sutter are going through a rocky relationship and thus are considering a divorce.  Trista was quick to deny these rumors, telling, “There is no validity to the rumors on the internet insinuating that Ryan and I are divorcing.”

Moreover, Trista adds that the two are still happily in love, saying, “We are perfectly, 100% happy, and divorce has never been a topic of conversation and never will be.”

Hopefully a divorce will never be in the wings for these two, who have been an icon in reality TV dating.

Meanwhile, more rumor denials surface as Matt Grant addresses the issues about him marrying Shayne Lamas just to get a green card.

"The whole green card thing, as funny as it is, is purely ridiculous," Matt Grant told TMZ.  "I mean come on. Are you serious with this?  There are a lot easier ways to get a green card.  I got found to be The Bachelor.  I didn't apply."

Moreover, Matt says that the whole issue has been "funny," but he reiterates, "I did not do this for a green card.  I come from a western country -- an affluent country -- and I love the States.  But just for the record, I did not do this for a green card."

It would definitely be a no-brainer for whoever started this rumor, because we have to keep in mind that Matt Grant is man with brains and means.  He’s a graduate of Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, where he earned a BA in modern history and economics.  He eventually worked as a financier and business development manager before landing on American shores for The Bachelor.  This would be enough to see that this man won’t goof around a marriage just to land himself a green card.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: TMZ,
(Photo courtesy of USA Today)