The Bachelor: Amanda Rantuccio's Conference Call
On Monday night's episode of The Bachelor, Matt surprised viewers by sending Amanda home.  Earlier in the episode, he had told her that if he could draw a perfect woman, he would draw her.  The two seemed to be forming a genuine and strong connection but it all came a screeching halt at the rose ceremony.  Upon being eliminated, Amanda was very shocked and angry.  Certain that she would go to the final two, she let loose on Matt, saying that she felt that he wasn't genuine with her.  In the limo, she broke down, saying that she could have seen herself marrying Matt.  Today, she spoke to reporters in a conference call, assuring everyone that she's moved on and has no hard feelings.

On Monday night's episode, Matt took Amanda on an adventurous date, which Amanda recounted for reporters.  "The zip lining was awesome and so much fun.  It's not something that I would normally do because I'm afraid of heights," she said.  Though the pair had a good time, it wasn't exactly a romantic setting.  "It's hard to talk when you're doing something like that.  I think when you're first starting to get to know somebody, something a little more subdued would be a better date."

Even after all this time, Amanda is still unsure why she was eliminated.  She did not feel that her hometown date prank had anything to do with it.  "What you didn't see is that we did get to s pend a good amount of time with my real parents and my sister," she revealed.  Her biggest problem with her elimination was that she didn't see it coming.  "I wonder why he never expressed any concerns to me," she said.  "I thought he would've been a little more honest and open with me."

Watching the show back, Amanda admitted that there were some tough moments for her.  "I thought at the rose ceremony how it was weird that he would go making out with everyone," she said.  Then she joked, "Hey, I don't blame him, though!"

Amanda has moved on from Matt and said that she was never in love with him.  "I think that he's the kind of guy I'm looking for.  I think there was the potential to fall in love," she said.  Amanda has been on a few dates since leaving the show but has yet to enter into a serious relationship.  She felt satisfied with her journey on The Bachelor and even said she'd do it all over again if given the opportunity!

Finally, Amanda made her pick for The Bachelor finale.  While there, she thought Matt had the strongest connection with Chelsea but, watching it on television, she feels that his heart really belongs to Shayne.  Amanda feels that, at that final rose ceremony, it will be Shayne that Matt proposes to.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: ABC
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