The Bachelor: Ali Versus Vienna
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
After weeks of drama between Ali and Vienna on The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, it doesn't look like the tension between these two bachelorettes is going to simmer down anytime soon. Ali is still very vocal about not liking Vienna while Vienna is still the girl that everyone loves to hate.

This week's episode alone had its share of Ali vs. Vienna fiasco. Thanks to Corrie's little prank, we learned how Ali really feels about Vienna when she thought she was going on a two-on-one date with her. Ali practically wanted to throw up while Vienna got upset because of how Ali reacted.

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The thing that bothers me about this whole Ali-Vienna drama is that I can't find any basis for what these two girls are claiming since The Bachelor hasn't really provided us with substantial (or any) footage at all to back up each girl's claim.

I just know that to some extent, both girls maybe lying because we all know that Ali's "disgusted reaction" towards Vienna is very personal even though she claims it's not, while Vienna claims that she doesn't talk bad about other people even though almost everyone in the Bachelor house claims that she does. So at this point, who do you believe?

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