The Bachelor 14: Preview of Episode 2
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
The fairy tale begins for remaining hopefuls as they move in to their luxurious villa in Malibu in the second episode of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love. After the First Rose Ceremony, Jake Pavelka is now left with 15 bachelorettes to choose from, including Ali, Ashley, Ashleigh, Christina, Corrie, Elizabeth, Ella, Gia, Jessie, Kathryn, Michelle, Rozlyn, Tenley, Valishia, and Vienna.

Tonight on The Bachelor, there will be one one-one-one date, two group dates and a "shocking" incident with disastrous results. If you've been following all the news and updates this season, then you're well aware that this episode will shed light on a controversial scandal, which you can read more about here.

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But before we get to the juicy part, Jake will first fly one bachelorette to a romantic desert in Palm Springs here he has an even bigger surprise: a private concert by the band Chicago. Jake and the lucky woman get close as they slow dance to the song "You're the Inspiration."

The first group date of the season consists of six women trying to strut their stuff in a sexy photo shoot with Jake for InStyle Magazine. These bachelorettes will be featured in the February issue, which hits newsstands January 15, most of them are eager to get in front of the camera. Some contestants, however, are a little bit intimidated by the fact that some bachelorettes are models.

The second group date, on the other hand, consists of five women being treated to a VIP visit to Six Flags Magic Mountain. Unfortunately for some of the women on the competition, they won't get to have a date with Jake at all, driving them to aggressively steal any time they can with the handsome pilot.

But before the episode concludes, Chris Harrison pulls Jake aside to drop a bombshell regarding one of the 15 bachelorettes who crossed the line. And for the first time in Bachelor history, having a rose won't be enough!

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