The Bachelor 13: Season Finale Preview
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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From ABC's official press release:

It's one of the most romantic and dramatic nights ever on ABC, on the season finale of The Bachelor, Monday, March 2.

Jason makes his momentous and heartfelt decision. DeAnna Pappas pays a surprise visit to Jason that impacts his final decision.  And immediately following the season finale, the story comes to an unexpected and shocking conclusion on The Bachelor: After the Final Rose.

In this gripping special conclusion, Jason prepares to make one of the most difficult decisions of this life. With his search for love now narrowed down to Melissa and Molly, Jason brings his son, Ty, to New Zealand to meet the remaining two women.  The bachelorettes are also introduced to his family. Finally, the women lay their hearts on the line, each trying to guarantee that she will be the one to get Jason's final rose.  But the Bachelor is stunned when DeAnna, the woman who broke his heart, shows up in New Zealand to see him. In one of the most romantic and dramatic moments in Bachelor history, Jason makes a decision that will change his life forever, on the season finale of The Bachelor, Monday, March 2 (8:00-10:02 pm, ET), on the ABC Television Network.

Jason's proposal to the love of his life was one of the most romantic moments in Bachelor history, but no one is prepared for what happens when Jason and the final two women return to the studio for The Bachelor: After the Final Rose. Emotions run high at the unexpected and shocking ending of Jason's journey to find true love, on the one-hour special, The Bachelor: After the Final Rose, Monday, March 2 (10:02-11:00 pm, ET).

The handsome single dad hopes that by seeing each of the two remaining women with his son, Ty, now age four, he will see how they interact with him and offer a hint as to how the three of them would mesh as a future family.

The bachelorettes must also rise to the occasion with Jason's family his parents, two brothers and his sister-in-law as they confront both women with some serious questions. All of which is no surprise, as they are understandably concerned about Jason since his experience with DeAnna. But Jason has a touching heart-to-heart talk with his mother about how strong his feelings are for both women.

Jason takes Melissa for a sailing trip in the stunning Bay of Islands. Then, on one last intimate evening at her place, Melissa tells Jason that her parents are willing to talk to him over the phone and tries her best to make sure Jason knows how strongly she feels about him. Then Molly invites Jason to her place for a home-cooked meal and a massage a preview of how great their married life would be. She opens up her heart, determined to show Jason the depth of her feelings.

And if Jason isn't confused enough about his feelings for Melissa and Molly, he is totally unprepared when DeAnna surprises him by visiting him in New Zealand. After their intense talk, Jason is more torn than ever. He considers the impact each woman would have on Ty's life, as well as his own. Will he risk getting his heart broken again? Or will he finally find the true love of his life?

The remaining two women are:

Melissa, 25, a sales representative from Dallas, TX

Molly, 24, a department store buyer from Grand Rapids, MI

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