The Bachelor 13: Preview of Episode 5
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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From ABC's official press release:

With hometown dates looming, Jason tries to discover the bachelorettes' true feelings for him, inviting the final five women to his hometown of Seattle, on ABC's The Bachelor, Monday, February 2.

The pressure is really on, as Jason struggles to decide which four women he'll escort home to meet their families. But first, a surprise visit to the Bachelor's hometown of Seattle awaits the five remaining bachelorettes a chance to check out their potential future home. Jason takes one woman on a romantic one-on-one date on a houseboat and escorts three of the bachelorettes on a ferry ride around Seattle and then to a revealing live radio interview. On the final crucial individual date, the handsome single dad chooses one of the ladies to take a fanciful flight on a seaplane over Seattle before sharing some intimate alone time together. However, Jason has more surprises in store for the women and breaks the rules at the rose ceremony to come to his difficult decision, on The Bachelor, Monday, February (8 to 10pm, ET), on the ABC Television Network.

After a brief reunion with his son, Ty, Jason welcomes the women to Seattle. The lucky woman, who receives the one-on-one date card, is delighted that Jason will show her his hometown in style. However, Jason's parental duties take precedence when Ty needs him at home and he must make a last minute change in plans.

The next day, three of the bachelorettes meet Jason on the deck of a ferry for a sunset cruise around Puget Sound. The Bachelor offers some special alone time to one of the ladies to join him in the captain's quarters to steer the boat and steal a kiss. But Jason seeks some outside help with his decision, taking the group to KISS-FM to be interviewed on one of the top-rated radio shows in Seattle. The Bachelor enlists the help of the two local DJs, Jackie and Bender, a married couple, to get some frank advice on love, marriage and intimacy. They quiz Jason and the women on love and romance and even set up a kissing contest much to the shock of the other two women listening back at the hotel. Jason rewards the three women with a wonderful late night meal, attempting to have an honest talk with one bachelorette about their relationship. He pulls another woman aside for a romantic walk by the bay.

On a picturesque seaplane ride over Seattle, Jason points out to the fortunate woman who gets the last one-on-date the highlights of the city she might one day call home. The bachelorette also demonstrates her more adventurous side as she races Jason to the top of a giant climbing wall, where they share a mid-air kiss. Later she opens up to him about her family and her feelings for him. A "hot" fireside snuggle ends the evening.

Still unsure of his decision, Jason pays a surprise visit to the ladies' hotel and pulls one woman aside for a heart-to-heart talk. Then at the rose ceremony, Jason breaks the rules and seeks out another bachelorette for a final talk. In the end, he must narrow the field to just four women the four who will invite him into their families' homes while one woman leaves in one of the most emotional rose ceremonies ever.

The five women are:

Jillian, 29, an interior designer from Peace River, Alberta, Canada

Melissa, 25, a sales representative from Dallas, TX

Molly, 24, a department store buyer from Grand Rapids, MI

Naomi, 24, a flight attendant from Carlsbad, CA

Stephanie, 34, a single mom and a medical marketing representative
from Huntsville, AL

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