The Bachelor 13: Preview of Episode 3
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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From ABC's official press release:

Stephanie's touching reunion with her child, a charity group date that raises body heat and an exciting Las Vegas getaway culminate with one nervous bachelorette running out of the rose ceremony on ABC's The Bachelor, January 19.

Pop star Kate Voegele Sparkles in a Private Performance for Jason and One Lucky Bachelorette.

Tensions mount among the 12 remaining bachelorettes and jealousy reigns when it's revealed that there will be two special one-on-one dates -- each with a rose at stakeand a group date.  Once again, some women will not go on a date at all.  Jason surprises Stephanie with a poignant reunion with her child, and then they're all off on a family-style date to Legoland California.  A group date focuses on raising money for breast cancer research, and on the other one-on-one date, Jason showers one lucky bachelorette with a million dollars in diamonds and flies her to Las Vegas for a glamorous evening, including a private concert with pop sensation Kate Voegele. Finally, one woman is so fearful of being sent home, she runs out of the rose ceremony, on The Bachelor, Monday, January 19 (8pm to 9:30pm ET), on the ABC Television Network.

Jason orchestrates a touching reunion with Stephanie and her daughter, Sophia, and the surprises keep on coming as they all go to Legoland California for a day of fun.  However the couple share a heart-to-heart talk trying to discover if their connection is deeper than just the fact that they're both single parents.

A lusty group date is all for a good cause, as Jason and eight of the bachelorettes raise money for breast cancer research for the "Keep-A-Breast" Foundation.  Each woman makes her own "bust cast" to be auctioned for charity and finishes with a flourish, painting on their own personal touches on their casts.  At the cocktail party afterwards, things get serious as one bachelorette shares with Jason that she had breast reduction surgery, another shows him pictures of her child, and another becomes visibly upset about the competition.  Jason checks out the results of their artistic labors and offers a rose to the woman who impressed him the most.

Jason arrives at the house to escort Natalie on an amazing date, but first surprises her with a million-dollar diamond necklace from Sophia Fiori, before he whisks her off in a limo to the private jet that will take them to Las Vegas.  The two enjoy a swank dinner followed by a private concert by pop phenomenon Kate Voegele.  But there's the ever-present rose on the table.  Will Natalie return to the house or be sent home?

Before the rose ceremony the women are asked to be honest in talking about each other in front of Jason. Megan, Lauren and Nikki reveal their rivalry and another woman becomes so anxious about the possibility of being sent home that she runs out of the ceremony.  Three women go home in tears, leaving nine bachelorettes to continue the fairytale journey.

The remaining 12 women are:

Erica, 25, an account executive from Monroe, CT

Jillian, 29, an interior designer from Peace River, Alberta, Canada

Kari, 27, an advertising executive from Lee's Summit, MO

Lauren, 27, a teacher from Marlboro, NJ

Megan, 25, a single mom and lacrosse coach from Sewickley, PA

Melissa, 25, a sales representative from Dallas, TX

Molly, 24, a department store buyer from Grand Rapids, MI

Naomi, 24, a flight attendant from Carlsbad, CA

Natalie, 27, a human resources recruiter from Morton, IL

Nikki, 29, an administrative assistant from Blue Island, IL

Shannon, 29, a dental hygienist from Marshall, MO

Stephanie, 34, a single mom and a medical marketing representative from Huntsville, AL

Source: ABC
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