The Bachelor 13: Five Spoiler Videos for the Season Finale
The Bachelor 13: Five Spoiler Videos for the Season Finale
I'm sure we've all read the spoilers by now, so we know that Monday night's season finale of The Bachelor is going to be SO HUGE. In fact, ABC promises us that it's so nice, they'll do it twice, and they'll bring us a second “After the Final Rose” special on Tuesday night.

Jason Mesnick is down to the final two women, Molly Malaney and Melissa Rycroft. He's bringing over his family to New Zealand to help him decide but I still don't really know what to expect. Luckily, I've rounded up some preview clips of the two-hour episode for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Clip #1: “DeAnna”

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Ever since the very beginning of this season, we have all had to live with the specter of DeAnna Pappas over our heads. We knew she would be making an appearance, but finally, the time is now!

As DeAnna steps out of the car to pay Jason a surprise visit, Jason muses that “there's [sic] three of us in this equation: Molly, Melissa and me.” Of course, this begs the question, what is the equation?

Is it:

Molly + Melissa = Jason ?


Molly × Melissa = Jason ?

Or how about this one:

x = ∫ (Jason) 1/3 d(Molly) d(Melissa), where Jason = 2(Molly)×(Melissa)2 ?

(Extra credit for anyone who can tell me what x is.)

Man, Jason's really smart, eh? Well, it doesn't really matter because with DeAnna in the mix, I'm sure the equation will definitely get jacked up anyway.

Clip #2: “Ty will help me figure it out”

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I've taken a lot of heat from fans of The Bachelor who frequent my posts for claiming that Ty is not that cute. Well, I stand by my original position. But I'll cut the kid some slack, since he has the misfortune of having an absentee father who would rather spend months away from home to be on Survivor, or The Bachelorette or The Bachelor or whatever other reality show that catches his fancy than, you know, spend time with his son.

Clip #3: “A Fairytale Love Story by Molly”

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Molly demonstrates the emotional maturity and arts and craft skills of a love-struck preteen by making a little scrap book for the love of her life. Jason, predictably, is impressed with how much emotion Molly is showing.

Clip #4: “They want to talk to Jason tomorrow.”

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Ever since the hometown dates, Melissa has been beating herself up and worrying up a storm because her parents refused to go on camera to meet Jason. She has continually reminded us how this might be the one reason why Jason would choose Molly over her, and she has been a complete stress case about it. (If you ask me, though, I'm still thinking that the producers behind The Bachelor wanted to cook up some kind of drama with Melissa and stepped in to ask the parents not to participate.) Things are looking up for Melissa, however; in this clip, we see that her parents are willing to talk to Jason on the phone.

Clip #5: “We have no audience tonight” (“After the Finale Rose” clip)

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We saw this clip at the end of the “Women Tell All” reunion special this week. In this clip, Chris Harrison soberly warns us that what we are about to see is so intense that, out of respect for those involved, they taped the segment without a studio audience. They have been hyping this so much, and all I gotta say is, it better be worth it!

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image and videos courtesy of ABC)