The Bachelor 13: Episode 7 Recap (Page 1/4)
The Bachelor 13: Episode 7 Recap (Page 1/4)
Previously on The Bachelor, Jason Mesnick got shirtless as often as he could, and narrowed the field of potential wives from 25 down to just four. After visiting the final four women in their hometowns, he kicked Naomi Crespo to the curb. There are only three women left. Tonight, everyone takes a dream vacation to New Zealand.

The episode opens in Seattle, at Jason's pretend houseboat. He says in an interview that he doesn't know yet which of the three is his choice. He also says that it's incredibly difficult to say good-bye to his son Ty again, and yet, here he is, leaving his boy for a quick jaunt to the other end of the world.

He talks (or rather, reads off of cue cards) about each of the three women, beginning with Jillian. He again tells us that he wants the passion and romance to increase between them. If this happens, he can see her as his next wife.

With Molly, he was enamored initially with her eyes, but he wants her to open up to him some more. He says that Melissa reminded him initially of his ex-wife and of DeAnna Pappas, but after getting to know her some more, she has proven herself to be different. But after her hometown date, in which her parents refused to meet with him, he is now questioning whether she's really serious about him.

Stock camera shots of an airplane in the sky and some incredibly beautiful scenery indicate that we are now in New Zealand, where Jason will get to skank it up and spend three nights in a row with three different women.

Jason's first New Zealand date is with Jillian, and he picks her up in a helicopter. He gets out of the helicopter and greets her with a spinning hug. They fly up into the heavens to view the mountains. Jillian says in an interview that she feels like the luckiest woman in the world.

The helicopter lands on a ledge overlooking a lake, where a picnic is laid out. Jason loves that he is there alone with her, so he's obviously not counting the camera crew and the helicopter pilot. As they sit down to some champagne, they tell each other what they like about each other. Jillian says that what she is looking for ultimately is a best friend, and she thinks that Jason really gets her. But maybe she and Jason aren't on the same page because he wants someone who is more than just a best friend.

That evening, after a quick change of clothes (Jillian is now wearing a shiny dress and screw-me boots), Jason takes her to a beautiful winery for dinner. Jason, in a quite transparent effort to fish for compliments, asks her what she liked most about their day together. Jason exposits in an interview that after dinner, he has the option of inviting her to spend the night in a fantasy suite. In order to do so, he asks her how she's dealing with everything, and she replies that that she is overwhelmed by the whole experience, but she is loving the unexpected connection she feels with him. She says that she's crazy about him, and he just sits there, looking at her. I guess that's exactly what he's looking for, because he starts kissing her. She asks him if he has something to give her tonight, and he pulls out an envelope which contains an invitation and key to the fantasy suite.

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-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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