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Previously on The Bachelor, Jason Mesnick got his heart ripped out by DeAnna Pappas. But he's getting over it by choosing his next wife among 25 lovely ladies. Last episode, he gave out 15 roses for the 15 women who are still in the running toward becoming his little boy's stepmother.

In case you missed last week's two-hour premiere, Jason was confused by Renee who makes vision boards, a little bit scared but flattered by Shannon who knows every single detail about his life, and he gave Nikki, with the tremendous cleavage, the First Impression Rose. Also, Megan got voted out by her competition, but in a mildly shocking twist, that just meant that she got a chance to stick around for another week.

Tonight's episode of The Bachelor begins with Jason, helping his son Ty pack up and head back home to spend some time with his mother. Meanwhile, Chris Harrison brings the 15 bachelorettes to the mansion where they will be living during their time on the show. After getting settled in, Chris gives them the rundown on how the competition works. There will be one-on-one dates and group dates, but not all of them will be going on a date with Jason every week,

Afterwards, Jason comes by unannounced to hang out with them in a casual environment. I'm sure it's just a coincidence and not at all the producers' doing that all the girls are in bikinis by the pool. Jason pulls Megan aside to assure her that he wants her there, even though she only got the rose last week because she got backstabbed by all the other bitches in the house. Back by the pool, Jason takes his shirt off in slow motion, accompanied by a swelling orchestral score, as the women look lustfully on.

Jillian continues to expound on her hot dog topping theory ("Once you're kroot, you're oot," she says Canadianly), and Shannon rubs him down with sunscreen.

The doorbell rings and the women find a single rose and a letter addressed to Jason. He is to give the rose to the woman with whom he'd like to share a romantic evening. He decides to put the rose away for the time being so that everyone can still have a good time. Silly, Jason. The mere presence of the rose is just going to make everyone feel more on edge.

All of the women decide to step up their game and get as much one-on-one time with him as possible. Naomi tries to impress him with her background in charity work. Shannon throws ice cubes up at them to distract them. Then, Stephanie interrupts his conversation with Natalie, but then she feels bad about interrupting.

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-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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