'The Bachelor 13' Aftergasm: They Can't Be For Real
This is my first season ever watching The Bachelor. I guess I started watching it because I figured that there must be a reason why it has lasted for 13 seasons. Maybe someday we will be watching The Bachelor ∞. The thing is, I don't get it. I'm sure that a ton of ink has already been spilled on the subject of whether or not one can actually find love on a reality show like The Bachelor, but since I'm new to the show, allow me to indulge in this oft-discussed issue.

Beginning in last night's episode, the bachelorettes have begun to show their true competitive natures. They preen and pluck and squeeze themselves into tight, little dresses (the better to show off their décolletage), all in the hopes of catching Jason Mesnick's eye and getting invited out on a date. Instead of hoping to "get lucky" in the traditional, bump and grind sense, these ladies dream of receiving a single red rose, signifying an invitation to continue to fight for his attention and, ultimately, his hand in marriage.

I'm no stranger to the dating scene myself, so I understand how you might feel an instant attraction to someone even after having known them for only a short time. Of course, when you are presented with 25 attractive people to choose from plus infinitely flowing alcohol, the odds are pretty good that you'll meet at least a few people you click with and want to get to know more of. That is all completely reasonable and understandable. But I have a harder time believing that every single prospective Mrs. Mesnick out there would feel a mutual connection with our fair Bachelor. Even with massive amounts of pre-screening, I would hazard that in any given group of 15 people, there are bound to be at least two or three or 10 that you want to Lemon Law. And yet, Jason said that he had a hard time choosing which two women he had to cut last night, and all 15 of the women were convinced that Jason was the love of their lives. Are they for real?

I don't feel confused at all by the VH1-type dating reality shows, like Rock of Love or A Double Shot at Love. These trashier cousins of The Bachelor tend to attract fame whores who are so deeply in love with themselves that they would do anything, humiliating or otherwise, to get on TV. Their need for attention dwarfs any remaining self-respect that they still have. Very often, rather that having a relationship with the ostensible star of the show, the real prize is getting to be the star of a show of your own.

But I don't think that the women on The Bachelor are fame whores like Megan Hauserman. These women, like Raquel who was cut this week, really, genuinely seem to be in it to find their future life partner and husband, going so far as to beg and plead for Jason's attention. I just don't get it.

Oh, look at that. I was planning on writing a diatribe about how anti-feminist The Bachelor is, but I got sidetracked by my questions of sincerity and authenticity. I'll have to leave my feminist screed for next week.

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-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of ABC)