The Bachelor 12: Why Matt Should Choose Chelsea
Matt Grant is the envy of many men.  25 beautiful and interesting women from all over the country came to meet him, in hopes that he would be their soul mate.  He spent the 12th season of The Bachelor, taking them on extravagant and romantic dates.  He kissed more women in a month than some men kiss in their lifetimes.  Yet, there's part of the job of being The Bachelor that certainly isn't enviable.  Each week, he must break a woman's heart, sending her home, and running the high risk of encountering a meltdown.  Now, Matt is down to only two women: Shayne and Chelsea.  It seems the two stand an equal chance to hearing Matt say, "Will you marry me?" on Monday night's finale.  If Matt's having trouble deciding, here are a few reasons why Chelsea would be the best match for him.

Chelsea has come under a lot of fire this season for being standoffish and, at times, cold towards Matt.  Yet, I think there's something to be said for the way Chelsea carried herself.  She didn't want to open up to him right away, feeling that she needed to get to know him first.  If she's not an openly affectionate person, then I applaud her for staying true to who she is and not trying to be someone she's not just to win a reality show. 

She also makes Matt work a little bit in order to make their relationship work and why shouldn't she?  Matt shouldn't just get to sit back and let the women come to him.  I like that he had to put out a lot of effort to connect with her.  Many of the women this season just throw themselves at him, singing for him, chewing through cans, getting completely wasted, and climbing on top of him whenever they're alone. 

Chelsea has handled herself with class and has been straightforward with Matt from the beginning.  I have a feeling that Matt really appreciates that about her and will continue to push for their relationship to work and become something that will last a lifetime.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

(Image courtesy of ABC)