The Bachelor 12: "The Women Tell All" Recap
On tonight’s special episode of The Bachelor, Matt Grant faces the women he rejected on “The Women Tell All”. Things get started with Stacey, one of the most infamous eligible women in Bachelor history. On her first night in the house, she got belligerently drunk, told the women she would kill them and their families, and shoved underwear in Matt’s pocket. She was quickly eliminated from the competition. Stacey said she was embarrassed by her behavior and tried to convince everyone that she is really a sweet person … but nobody was buying it!

Robin was the first woman to be asked to the hot seat by host Chris Harrison. After a montage of the season’s more dramatic moments, many featuring Robin, the other women confronted her about her behavior. Amanda and Marshana felt that Robin wasn’t there for the right reasons, that she was there to win a competition, not to find love. Robin insisted that she was there to be loved, but not by the women.

After a montage of Marshana’s most dramatic moments, she was called to the hot seat. Chris called the argument between Marshana and Robin one of the most dramatic in Bachelor history. In fact, the only world used more than the word “Bachelor” tonight was “dramatic”. When Robin tries to speak to her, Marshana dismisses her … literally. It seems these two will never get along and never be friends. With that, Chris moves on to another woman.

Amanda was the next to sit in the hot seat. She had to relive her elimination and she admitted that, at first, she thought Matt was playing a joke on her. Amanda stood up to Matt when she was sent home, calling him names that can’t be repeated here. That, combined with her chronic hiccups (the “meeps”) and her brilliant practical joke on her hometown date, has earned her many fans. She said that, after watching the show, she’s still confused as to why she was eliminated and not one of the last women standing.

Matt finally came out to face the women in the last few minutes of the episode. He told Amanda that he had nothing but the utmost respect for her, but felt that he had a better chance of finding true love with the other two women. Robin and Marshana said that they felt satisfied with the time they had with Matt. Matt confirmed that he is engaged and has found the love of his life. We’ll find out who he picked on next week’s season finale!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of ABC)