The Bachelor 12: Take Your Ball and Go Home
Here's what's unfortunate about The Bachelor.  The show constantly puts women in severely uncomfortable situations and if they don't want to participate, they're either made to feel bad or sent home.  They're also put in an environment where emotions feel very real, very fast.  I don't know what the production staff does to get them to fall for each bachelor so hard.  No one ever says, "Eh, he's not my type."  He's everyone's type!  When I'm out with my friends, we don't always agree on who's good looking or who would make a good boyfriend.  In any event, on last night's episode, the girls who didn't want to play were put down by Matt.  If they didn't want to do as they were told, he wanted them to take their ball and go home.

When Matt took a group of 8 girls to Vegas, they were told that they had to gamble for 30 minutes to win as much money as possible.  The woman with the most money would win a 30 minute date with Matt.  Robin did not want to gamble, feeling that she didn't have enough skill to do well.  When she tried to talk to Matt about it, he was very annoyed with her, saying that if everyone else had to play, she should too.  The other girls screamed across the casino that Matt was even talking to her when she should be gambling. 

Shayne tried to make a big move and bet everything she had on one round of roulette.  Not surprisingly, she lost as the odds are always against you at a casino.  Frustrated, she pulled Matt aside and said that she wasn't sure that she wanted to fight so hard for a little attention.  I actually applauded her honesty and would feel the same way but Matt did not agree.  He was fed up with her drama, even though their conversation was about 5 minutes long.  He felt that she should be 100% willing to fight for his attention without question and without reservation.

At the fashion show with the other group of women, the girls had to model outfits for an audience of one.  That's an awkward situation for anyone!  Kristine said she would rather jump out of an airplane than walk down the runway.  These women go way out of their comfort zones and do things that they would never do in an everyday dating situation.  I know that they signed up for it but I still can't help feeling a little bad for them.

Here's a new theory.  If you're not allowed to feel anything other than total contentment, then how can a relationship last outside of the game of The Bachelor?  It's natural to disagree, to argue, to be unhappy at times.  If you're never allowed to express that for fear of being eliminated, then it doesn't seem that anything real can truly come out of this experience.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

(Image courtesy of ABC)